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The Engadget Interview: Oculus Rift’s John Carmack | Engadget

Oculus Rift’s new Chief Technology Officer John Carmack says a new Oculus Rift dev kit is in the works and will arrive in developers’ hands before the retail unit ships some time next year. In an interview with Engadget this morning, Carmack also spelled out what he sees as the future of the Rift’s consumer model: an Android-powered standalone headset powered by an SoC.

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  1. Almost said Romero lmao

  2. Right? Right. Right. Right? Right. Right. Right. Right? Sure. Right. Sure? Right? Right.

  3. john carmack would make an awesome evil scientist.

  4. thanks for sharing Engadget

  5. Oculus rift could potentially be the ultimate sex toy ever.

  6. I'm so glad John Carmark is with Oculus, this is just too good, also was really nice to hear he's in his element now, for some reason made me feel kind of good 🙂

  7. Listening to Carmack talk… Very well spoken and very intelligent… Doesn't waste time when he speaks… So clear and understandable. Amazing. Many programmers are so slow.

  8. There should be  2 consumer versions of Oculus rift.
    # For average gamers >  1080p for $300 – $350.
    # For hardcore gamers > 4K for less than $600.

  9. TALKING TO John – FCUKING – Carmack and all you can say is SURE.  SUREE!?

  10. Star Citizen in the background YES!

  11. Battlefield 5 first announced here folks.  Seriusly though: great interview!

  12. John Carmack might well be the greatest nerd in the history of human civilisation.

  13. Carmack Super Awesome guy. Bill Gates of gaming world. 

  14. I think the sure guy is no longer sure of him self after he's brain is no longer grasping what Carmack is saying. 

  15. Make it work with PS4 or Xbox 1.. What are they waiting for ????

  16. go futher reinforcement evolution new gaming technology…   nice ^^b      near with the matrix movies scene 😀

  17. I am glad John has left ID, his talents were going to waste. This is exactly where he belongs, at the forefront of games technology. ID software will never be as it once was, my hopes aren't high for Doom 4 as I feel it will inevitably disappoint, the team at ID need to use their imaginations and come up with something new and exciting, not another generic fps.

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