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The Galaxy S10 and S10+ are the pinnacles of Samsung's S-line

The Galaxy S10 and S10+ are the pinnacles of Samsung's S-line

The Galaxy S10 is the pinnacle of Samsung’s S series. Sure, the flagship line, and smartphones in general, are growing a little stale. So the S10 and S10+ don’t excite, but they’re the result of years of fine-tuning a formula that has made these arguably the best Android phones around. This year, Samsung decided to hunker down on its display, camera and software, bringing the S10+ closer to perfection than ever. Despite some quirks, this is an excellent handset that still manages to pack a few surprises. Now that we’ve had the phones for awhile, let’s take a deeper look at how they stack up.

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  1. I wish the screen was higher than 60hz. Not an apple fan boy but I do love their 120Hz screen.

  2. For the price, they could of add a smaller viewing screen on the back side for selfies and short cuts. And the main side, the full screen with no camera.

  3. Can we all take some time out to appreciate Engaget's use of La Campanella ? I instantly stopped when I heard it.

  4. bad review. half of the video is the camera.

  5. you mapped the bixby button with the only function the galaxy has already on a button, camera

  6. 2:18 Great because I wanted to see a tranny in HD… 🤢🤮

  7. Not sure why everybody get so bent out of shape with the bixby button I've never accidentally hit it not once I mean I have a case on my phone so maybe that's the difference… I don't know but I don't find it a pain at all.

  8. This lady!!!!. So arrogant

  9. This girl again? Can you please don't let her make another review.

  10. Look up the pronunciation of 'didn't'.  The ' n't'  is swallowed not pronounced.

  11. Open video, hear her voice, close video. Simples

  12. Fortunately i have the S10+ and note 9 otherwise I have to blindly belive her.
    How negative her attitude towards this greatest device.

  13. You forgot to tell about the crypto currency wallet …it is SOOO HUGE

  14. I don´t like the arrogant tone of the review and the fact that every aspect is nitpicked. Yes, some phone can do something specific better and another phone can also do some other thing better, but having all those great features together is only possible in the S10.

  15. She is very biased toward Chinese. I can see she tried to find every possible way to find fault with it. Chinese spy she is

  16. Didn't you already do a review video? Coincidence that this paid ad appears amid news of Samsung's falling profits..

  17. can you name the background tracks that were used plz

  18. Don't excite? I love it!

  19. I'm still happy with my S8+. When stolen, lost or broken I will get newer. Until then seems to do everything until 5g arrives.

  20. So much more important stuff going on, and this gets put in the news, wake up people they are all the same phones……

  21. 😂😂😃😂😃😂🤥🤣😆🤣🤨😂🤣😚🤣🤥😞🤔🤭😴😞🤣😁🤣😉🤣🤥😂

  22. Got a P30 Pro ad before this video – while watching on my S10+.

  23. I usually buy budget phones but I am considering getting an S10.

  24. Why isn't this epitome of annoyance fired already?

  25. This woman is pure joke. She is not good for the job. @engadget: find a replacement.

  26. This is the best phone of all time and sory for camera. A Smart phone is a SMART PHONE. not a professional camera. Huawei is a camera but not a complete Smart phone. I always used iPhones but i have been proven wrong that iphones are the best already costomized phones but not any more . S10PLUS is way more better than other Smartphones and YES s10 series is not for everyone cause for simple minded ppl Galaxy and one ui is complicated.

  27. I will opt the p30 instead of s10

  28. a great review and a great phone, but i'll stick with my iphone 10 it does everything i need to well

  29. I still don't understand how you can accidentally press the Bixby button multiple times. I mean even when changing volumes who thinks volume buttons are so small. And if it triggered google assistant people suddenly wouldn't preemptions it accidentally.

  30. Now tell we about the fingerprint sensor which is a piece of crap. The Samsung S10 is waste of money. Don’t buy it.

  31. And not mentioning builtin dex. The most underrated feature of s10.

  32. It's ok but nothing special on this phone

  33. s10e's flat screen for the win!

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