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The HATE CRIME You Didn’t Hear About.

The HATE CRIME You Didn't Hear About.

White Man Guns Down Two Black Grandparents Before Saying ‘Whites Don’t Kill Whites’. Francis Maxwell Asks, Why Nobody Is Talking About This?!!

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  1. If you know anything about history white people have been doing this for hundreds of years.

  2. Another savage beast wow, we must rebuke these demonic demons

  3. It was buried amongst another bigger shooting and terrorist threats. IT IS unfortunate, but there was a lot going on, RELAX! There's no conspiracy as if this was purposely buried.

  4. What's the difference between Charles Manson and his hate base vs Donald Trump and his hate base?? Tell me why Manson was in prison? Oh, Manson gave direct instructions and Donald gives indirect instructions to kill! Got it!

  5. There is nothing in what you said that myself or anyone else of a conscious, sensible mind can disagree with. Stay strong

  6. Gun Control attention is the real fear of the white main stream media.

  7. Why didn’t the cops kill him?

    I hope he come up dead in jail

  8. Because trump and his supporters are white supremacists.

  9. If by "buried" you mean featured prominently in every mainstream media website, then yes it sure was "buried".

  10. I commented on a few days back. Some of the comments that I heard what's just two black people they kill more black in Chicago in the half an hour. They always try to spin it black on black crime. 87% of white people killed are killed by other white people. Then they want to say possible hate crime 100% hate crime. Black America find your news channel that subscribes to what's going on nationally in African American communities mainstream media will not cover it

  11. Where was the main stream news outlets when this happened. I live in Michigan and I never saw this on the news channels here.!!!

  12. that's not true it was on the news. I heard about the Kroger's killing.

  13. I didn't here about any of the situations of hate crimes that the new media failure to broadcast.  I am happy you brought these tragic hate crimes out front.  America need more dedicated and wonderful people like yourself.  Thank you for serving.

  14. I honestly can't believe how much I hate USA. A despicable country where (if not a majority) close to a majority are completely vile and hateful ignorant bigot who could not set their moral compass to north if their lives depended on it. It's amazing how you can turn a whole country into this festering shithole of hatred and bigotry. Not long ago, USA was considered a model nation. Something to be inspired by and strive towards. It will not end well. How on earth can a country with so much ignorance, hatred and isolationist nationalism ever compete in a global world that depends more and more on high-tech and skilled labour. Yes, USA still has a world-class high-tech industry. USA is still world leaders in many fields. But, for decades you have depended on a constant influx of the most talented people from all over the world. With the policies and attitudes you promote these days, such people will turn elsewhere. Most American don't have the education or general knowledge to be successful in most advanced fields. Your educational system is just too bad. Prepare yourself for a brain-drain on an unprecedented scale. USA is a sinking ship. Get out while you can.

  15. I've said it before and I'll say it again. It starts with us as African Americans or whatever you choose to identify as. I've seen so much hate for the whites but it's people of our own skin color we have more problems with, I know that stings a bit but it's true. We have to have the same mentality that this guy in this story had blacks don't kill, rob, rape and stereotype blacks.

  16. Well, he didn’t lie! The government agreed to that with the European Union after wwII. If you Don’t believe me…… who white has the U.S.A fought and killed on the battle field since then? Last I checked, they have all been Asian or brown folks. It continues with in our country as well. Nope I didnt use religion in the analogy because that over shadows the truth.

  17. This was in my town, and the pain is real. They were executed, shot in the back of the head at point blank range. It feels like the country does not care about us. I was recently in the UK this summer and it was the first time in my life that I've felt safe and relaxed as a Black person! Smh

  18. If black people gets angry, they say black people are always violent, these are some of the reasons!

  19. The woman that was killed was related to my family. I can not tell you how I feel. I have seen Eric G. Travon M., Sandra B, and so many more….and you never can truly FEEL THE PAIN until it happens to you. All we want now is JUSTICE.

  20. Love TYT. But could it be that you took a tragedy and turned it into more independent/mainstream mudslinging. Bad form. I'm progressive but don't prove that we're fueling a devide by polluting news. Is the bigger news the lost lives or the fact your competition missed the scoop.

  21. Am Sorry as Can be…America is a RACIST place..inspite of all the other nationalities leaving there ..

  22. Are any of these shooters seeing any jail,prison time????or did they just receive a slap on the wrist?? The media is worthless! They definitely want all hell to break loose in the USA!!!


  24. What about the kid that was lynched and found in the backyard by his mom

  25. Its is okay to be black. There is a war being waged on the black race by Racist White Devil Pigskins in America, we all know it so its time we took action.

  26. All 3 suspects fit the usual definition of "white trash"

  27. Cenk Weinstein s newest conquest. Francis the pedo preist

  28. Agolf Twittler's white nationalist Amerikkka in all it's glory… Time for real American patriots to take their country back.

  29. amerikkka land of the thief home of the SLAVES fucc thiz murderous korupt demonic gluttonous odious ominous society n all itz allies u.s.a UNDER SATAN'Z AUTHORITY

  30. Yeah I heard about this. Some sad stuff. Dude should be ashamed of himself, ignorant ass racist!!

  31. The media try to dodge the race subject as much as possible. Honestly, I can’t blame them. They know what the country consist of. And I’ve noticed even alternative media doing a half ass job on it too.

  32. Oh, I thought they started covering violence against people like me. I feel silly lol.

  33. Bring it!! Bring it, say it, scream it!!!
    This should be known now, and I find it disgusting it's not in front on news everywhere!

  34. What is there to say?? It's all horrible. What it isn't, is a surprise. With our glorious, fearless leader continuously blowing his dog whistle as hard as he can, sooner or later, one or more of his admiring minions, would act out.

  35. Nope Hopefully he burn in hell for murder what he did if there is a HELL

  36. WE DON'T NEED HATE CRIME LAWS!! First off, racism is stupid, irrational, and damaging. All humans, regardless of their race, color, or creed are all equally human, all equally of our Creator, and thus all equally entitled to fair and dignified treatment.
    That said, hate crime legislation is stupid. If a white man murders a svk man out of racial prejudice, why should he be prosecuted to a greater extent than if his victim were white and his hatred based on done other trait? Instead of hate crime legislation (which ought to be done away with), how about holding no regard for the perceived mindset of the murderer, and prosecute him without regard to his victims race? LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT PAROLE. Or maybe even death!
    In Texas in the late 1990's, two hate filled racist white men tied a black man up and dragged him to death behind their pick up truck. These men were arrested, tried, and convicted on First Degree Murder….. and sentenced to death….. and all without any hate crime legislation.
    Governor George W. Bush signed their death warrants, and their sentences were carried out.

  37. "Whites don't kill whites"? cough World Wars I & II cough

  38. What a shame. In thought this was going to be about one of the dozens of crimes the radical left has committed against the right. You don't really hear about those.

  39. WAIT, two Black cops were killed by a White dude too??!! Hell I didn't hear about that one either until NOW!!! WTH! And GOPers supposedly care about cops getting shot and killed! Yeah RIGHT! 🙄 Guess these cops were too DARK ! 🙄

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