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THE HISTORY OF OUR VERY OLD HOUSE! // Moving Vlogs Episode 6 // Fashion Mumblr

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  1. When are you going to your beauty box ..?

  2. Please put at least 6-8 inches of top new soil in your beds. Soil gets depleted of nutrients just like our skin does.

  3. Wow what wonderful history to your precious home you must find out what sprit guests you have residing in your home because I’m sure there’s going to be a few .very interesting xx

  4. How beautiful to have all of that history in your home! It is just absolutely gorgeous, I look forward to each video and Instagram content each day! Congratulations xx

  5. I like your videos but using the word 'cretin' is vulgar.

  6. Dig deep into the history of your chateau, I'm sure many of your viewers will love it. Go to that local church, they'll have a slew of history.

  7. yes love the daily vlogs!

  8. Can’t get enough of these house videos. Hope you never stop filming them!

  9. Josie, your new home is amazing. Best Regards from S-love-nia.

  10. Don't cut yourself off vitamin "D" sunblock will do that. Stay more natural under this lock-down.

  11. Since the house is so old, aren't you afraid of ghosts? Would you tell us if you experienced something paranormal? 🙈🙈🙈

  12. Wow your house is so beautiful and so much character!!!! I have to say my fav YouTubers houses are yours and inthefrow Victoria’s house. I am ABSOLUTELY loving your content 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗An absolute dream house 🏠 Plus I think your house will look magical at Christmas too 💗💗💗xx

  13. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your vlogs on the house. It really is magical!

  14. More please, love Jules 🥰

  15. I’m living my dream vicariously through you. Just the most beautiful house and gardens xx

  16. We absolutely need more house vlogs !!!! 😍

  17. Please keep going with the daily house vlogs I’m absolutely loving it. The gardening, the homeware, the decor. Learning so much from you and Charlie. Just loving it so much. Would love more info about your surrounds the neighbours etc
    They look quite close. Have u met them? Have u visited the church etc

  18. Omg. So lovely! You are loving now like in decoration for Abbey Downton 🙂

  19. I'm quite confident that the white flowered "weed" in the large bed is called garlic mustard. You'll know if you pinch a leaf and it smells mildly of garlic. It makes an excellent pesto if you haven't already uprooted it. It's aggressive and grows everywhere, even here in Canada, I'm growing some in my garden! On purpose! You should double check which "weeds" are actually just overgrown herbs that you might not be familiar with. It seems like there's more to that garden than flowers!

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