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The Inspiring Story Behind This 4-Year-Old Boy’s Viral Doll Photos | NBC Nightly News

Jynsen Fitz, a rambunctious toddler who plays with all kinds of toys, picked out a doll while shopping with his mom during a trip to the toy store meant to help him cope with his father’s deployment. His mom Ashley shared photos online of Jynsen cradling his doll which received thousands of comments.
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The Inspiring Story Behind This 4-Year-Old Boy’s Viral Doll Photos | NBC Nightly News


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  1. God bless! Australia!

  2. What a buuuutiful story. Haters only know how to hate. Do not let them touch your family's self worth and love. Maybe he will be a world renown pediatrician or fashion designer. Or just a loving parent.

  3. What a sweet family, don't worry with haters

  4. When my daughter was 3, she had an African American babysitter, who had 3 sons. Yes, she picked out an African American boy doll, and still had that doll when she was in her 20s and had sons of her own.
    As parents, we can teach predjuce, or we can teach our children to look for good traits in people, and to not divide them by skin color.
    Their is one race, the human race!

  5. Very cool. But aside from all the stereotyping BS did anyone notice how great the photography was?

  6. Aww the parents love each other. Your boy is so imaginative and he's learning everyday so much, how can anyone not be proud of that? Feeling hostile to a school aged kid having dolls OF ANY KIND to practice social norms together and practice manners together, share stories ,etc. This is how kids learn how to be fully fleshed out human beings. Being able to move about society in a positive way, not fragile and fearfully or negative he's well on his way to having a future many of us didn't have. Don't hate, congratulate. Or mind your own business.

  7. Who cares, why is this news?

    It's just a dependa pimping her child out for attention.

  8. It is truly bootiful. Jesus said, "Love covers a multitude of sin". That's the bottom line.

  9. Wow! Wonder if this is how slavery began with little Biff and Becky buying black baby dolls? They graduated from buying black dolls to buying real life black people! The obsession to own black people even in the form of a doll never seems to end for whites in America! 🙄🖕

  10. This little boy will grow up to be an amazing dad or at least an amazing role model. And what great parents! Also….. love the beautiful photos!

  11. 0:200:22 Random Hispanic or Black Family
    You what?! Smacks back of Son's head

  12. Of all the incredible people out there who will never get to share their story with the world,but yet some little boy playing with a black baby doll makes the evening news… really is that a news worthy story?

  13. Promoting gender neutrality again, eh. What you lot dont understand is that (mental) gender is not something you are born with, its something you learn as you grow. That is why we need to teach our kids to be either boys or girls, because if we raise them in gender neutral environment, they will not have any (mental) gender at all as a result.

  14. As long as the mom didn’t push that on him

  15. That is a beautiful child 💯❤️❤️❤️

  16. Dark agers will hate kind people.

  17. That is the greatest thing we need more of that.

  18. Love knows no color…check your heart and keep it clean then peace will finally come.

  19. It is known, boys that play with dolls usually choose great professions like: becoming doctors, lawyers….girls that play with trucks and planes have the same outcome. They are usually very intelegent children. That pic with him holding the doll is a very nice pic. 👍👍😊

  20. Jynsen is such an adorable child. These dolls will help him to be a good father someday. Cue the ignorant, bigoted comments.

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