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‘The Irishman’: Robert De Niro Digitally De-Aged Shows How Far Tech Has Come | Mach | NBC News

Martin Scorsese’s long-awaited mob movie “The Irishman” is a decades-long epic that uses de-aging visual effects on the film’s stars — Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino. The latest Mach at the Movies looks at how far this technology has come to give us younger versions of these highly familiar faces.
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‘The Irishman’: Robert De Niro Digitally De-Aged Shows How Far Tech Has Come | Mach | NBC News


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  1. I watched half his movie and couldnt look at dequeero any longer . So I turned it off . Good thing I didnt pay for it .

  2. Next step is de-aging actual life

  3. Super silly. Just go find a younger or older actor/actress. There are many thespians who could fit roles.

  4. This was so distracting when I saw the movie. So obviously cgi. The film will date terribly because if that, like so many films made now with bad cgi

  5. The reason the deaging doesn't as good as people expect it to be is because of their body postures. The face is young but how they move and their body postures clearly shows their age.

  6. It's actually really poorly done. It looked terrible and took people out of the film – THESE ACTORS ARE IN THEIR LATE 70'S !! going to Christening's it looked so weird.

  7. looks like hes wearing a mask

  8. De-ageing was a terrible idea.
    I kept looking at those WEIRD plastic faces with their overly blue eyes for about 20min – then I had to switch it off.

  9. I don't know man, after all this work the characters still look off… Wish they made an ultra-realistic 3D models of the younger versions… it might have ended with far greater results than working on each frame…

  10. Marvel did it better with Ant Man

  11. The deageing was all over the place for me some scenes it looked good then the next it looked way off took me out of the movie. The second half when they got rid of the deageing was much better.

  12. At first, I thought that actress was Cybil Sherpard de aged. Sure looks like her years ago,

  13. De-age for DONALD TRUMP!!! Make America FAKE AGAIN!!!

  14. am only watching it bec I love De Niro , dont really care if he looked 20 or 80 years old!

  15. Well pretty soon they wont need actors

  16. To be fair, all of those who were de-aged in The Irishman have the same EXACT skin tone and structure, like they all came out of the same mold; no highlights and shadows or imperfections to tell them apart on the skin, it's so evident it's distracting.

  17. I find it funny how Scorsese says that Marvel/Comic movies aren't cinema, but the very Comic book movies are essentially the genre that pushed VFX tech, notably de-aging, to what it is today.

    And now Scorsese's using this technology to it's full advantage.

  18. How Far Tech Has Come ???
    This film is proof
    Not far enough !
    These actors looked their age throughout the film !

  19. even if they hide their age and looks….its still wacky and weird.. The actors act OLD….its not the same!! U GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF FOOLS!@

  20. Please 86 this narrator…sniveling whiner.

  21. The comments here are like the right wing propaganda machines we've sadly all had to come to know. Most folks hate your hero. Find another channel if you dislike the people involved in this. They are amongst the most talented on earth. Most commenters cannot even figure out where to put punctuation.

  22. saw the film and the De Aging did not work, they looked so creepy it ruined the film

  23. They should have de aged their dinosaur sounding voices too, doesn’t add up

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