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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Hands-On at E3 2019

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Hands-On at E3 2019

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a remake of the classic Game Boy RPG. Coming to Nintendo Switch September 20th, it’s looking like a perfect revamp for those that loved the original, or are coming to it for the first time.

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  1. 2:50 that bitch back there
    has some nice thighs

  2. I sold all my consoles. When they quit with the old games, I might get back into gaming. Need new games not remakes and same old mess.

  3. Too young to have played the original…

  4. Prediction: Link to the Past will be next followed by the Oracle games and I don’t care if they use the same assets.

  5. Looks like some fan made Unreal Engine game.

  6. No love for Oracle of ages or season. Dam shame.

  7. When I take a look back at A link to the past, the graphics have aged amazingly well. While it’s a masterpiece alone and my favorite game in the series, I’d love to see a remake.

  8. Sound so much like a british Linus Tech Tips

  9. botw sequel and this? I think I'll get myself Switch for Christmas.

  10. feeling nostalgic, cant wait to get this

  11. While i would play this version i can't since paying $299.99 for the switch itself i just can't afford and the original game i only got like 6 hours out of it so i'm waiting for the switch to get a major price drop if it will eventually cost $120.00 at that price i could easily afford the system itself.

  12. The green character is Zelda. Who the hell is Link

  13. How can they charge $60 for this?! It looks fun but i doubt it has enough hours of gameplay to justify that price.

  14. Will this be released on the Soulja console?? 🤔

  15. Where did you get your hat from?

  16. Gosh I LOVE the art style.

  17. Definitely best looking zelda game to date way better looking than windwaker & breath of the wild aka no man's land no dungeons & them shrines got old & play'd out af lol i'm so hyped for this game day 1 purchase for sure

  18. Isn't every remake for old and new players?

  19. This was put together very well, Nick Summers. Great vid!

  20. Did you say its 2 players?

  21. But can we get A Link to the Past tho?

  22. Very nice. Now, A Link to the Past.

  23. I hope that The Minish Cap will get the same treatment some day.

  24. i want someone to remake beyond oasis.. also i wish these games were for ps4 🙁

  25. I played the original back in 6th grade

  26. I see their strat now. Just release DS quality games for the switch and charge 60 dollars. I love Link's awakening, but it's not 60 dollars anymore even with these graphical changes. I also feel bad the for DS player base who bough all of these new DS' they release every month because they just aren't going to make games for them anymore. I'm not a graphics snob, but there's not reason the game should look that mediocre on their newest gen system.

  27. luv it <3 i need harvestmoon that looks like this~

  28. Dang this looks great! I hope they do the rest of the GBC series

  29. A little bit "younger"? You look five years older than me, dude, and I played the DX (color) version of this game when it first came out.

    Edit: I checked up on it and you're only 1 year older than me, but the point stands: you are in no terms too young to have played this game.

  30. This is in the news? SMH.

  31. It's also for a 3rd type of person: People who played it a little back when the original GameBoy was new, and have been meaning to go back and play through it for decades, now all the more tantalizing with modern graphics (i.e. people like me).

  32. Pathetic nerds can't make good games so they rehatch

  33. The game is really cute.
    And so is the girl at the back.

  34. Nintendo is just hilarious. Sony for example delivers brand new IPs which typically end up being genre leading cause the Sony exclusives are ridiculously high quality.

    Nintendo: 3645374 Super Mario Game or remaster …
    but the Nintendo fanboys will buy it anyways.

    Btw, Nintendo is not even able to make AAA exclusives like Sony cause it wouldnt run on their machine, so this means that Nintendo didnt have new big IPs in mind when designing their machine

  35. Should also release on mobile with those kinds of graphics…

  36. One of my favorite Zelda's. Day 1 buy for me!

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