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The Leopard Vet | Nat Geo Live

The Leopard Vet | Nat Geo Live

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Mireya Mayor joins in a desperate gamble to save two leopard cubs in Namibia.
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The Leopard Vet | Nat Geo Live

National Geographic

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  1. Brilliant! The best discoveries are always made by accident

  2. @iBossAll What have you personally done to help dying kids in Somalia? I'm always amused by this idiotic argument that, because one problem exists, we can't do anything about other problems until we fix the first problem.

  3. It sounds a little cruel that the leopards were "experimented" on when it was thought that it was incurable. Sure,it helped,but giving them medication to experiment for a cure and people calling in to ask for the medication that this "experimentation" brought about sounds cruel…

  4. @anoldgangstah I agree, + her lips + those sexy thighs. Her eyes are big, but wow it would be great to bang her a few times. LOL

  5. @International72521 dude don't kill it just get your ass in the house and shut every window and door.

  6. honestly her boobs looks cute 😀

  7. @International72521 Jesus christ, does anyone here know anything about cultural references? Calm the fuck down.

  8. @International72521 idiot

  9. @International72521 your so cool buddy..

  10. @International72521 Internet Gangster

  11. @sapereaudekant Internet Gangster

  12. @jimP71 Damn nature, you scary.

  13. if life worked with solar energy there would be a couple of these in my house .. but you know … I think I'd be a good source of energy for them!

  14. This shows that the power of Vitamin B can cure anything……. And by vitamin B, I mean Boobs.

  15. What a remarkable little story.

  16. @catlitter3
    I used to do threats like that on XBL in my youth (hanging around the wrong people) and empty threats like that just waste time and do show that you are a troll, someone with no life or both. So I agree with you man.

  17. If that thing came by my house, I'd kill it.

  18. simply lovely leopards! .. im glad they are ok:)

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