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Erik Conover Video Blog Ep. 109 THE MODEL DIET
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If you are a musician and would like to feature your music (hip hop, piano, instrumental, acoustic tunes) in my vlogs please email me at conover.er@gmail.com subject “NYC TUNES”


Shot on my Canon S110

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  1. Hi guys!! I miss those times . …

  2. Hey whats the song in the beginning?

    And I love Brooklyn ❤

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  4. Erik, I love your smile and positive attitude. What kind of work do you do from your laptop?

  5. Just saw one of my teachers on that book club meeting.

  6. Jessica inspires me to cook, eat, and date my husband in a healthy carefree way!!!

  7. I feel like the four cup cakes were probably fifteen dollars … lol

  8. I think you look better with some scruff :$ <3

  9. That lady in the background had spectacular silver/white hair

  10. Funny vlogs!!! Definitely believed I subscribed lol

  11. 1.27 & 1.44 you are such a nice guy

  12. What was she eating when you were talking about her hair?

  13. That dinner looked great! Is Jess still taking cooking lessons?

  14. Erik this is the first vlog I have watched of you and Jess, also the one made about how you both are models and I am hooked and love the energy from you both. You are two very beautiful souls inside and out. Thank you for your energy of love and peace for our world. Blessings from Ireland 🍀🌻🌸🙏

  15. Eating that many eggs per day is incredibly bad for you… especially raw?

  16. living vicariously through you, Eric :") will probably never go to NY and skate through the roads the way you do. funny how the kind of vids i love most on your channel are the ones about little things you do everyday with Jess!! right down to which cupcake flavour you guys get hahaha

  17. You skating through the city is life goals af, really cute vlogs! Would love to see more cooking stuff with you guys and maybe and ootd in every video if people are always commenting about it hahah. Keep up the good work!

  18. Maybe she could do an OOTD for each video, and have like a recap of the week; take a picture of her outfit each day and then combine it into a slideshow/collage (something) and briefly talk about each outfit (15 seconds each?). Just a thought 🙂

  19. OMG eating a banana, vlogging and skateboarding at the same time! Who said men couldn't multitask?😂

  20. Where does he work? I just recently started watching these vlogs.

  21. I've had a skateboard for many years but I never knew how to turn😅

  22. I love Jessica's sneakers, where are they from?

  23. Love your positivity, you guys put me in a good mood while I'm at work lol keep up the vlogs

  24. Don't know how I got to his channel but I'm staying 🙆🏻 likes and subscribes

  25. I was 100% sure that it says ,,Model died"

  26. What do they study at college?

  27. When you're so obsessed you literally want to be your future pug hahah

  28. OMG can Jessica please do fashion videos, and the ideas that you came up with are amazing! Please do it

  29. Jess reminds me of Taylor Hill so much

  30. Lol so the same video. But different name?

  31. Love your style.never went to ny,but i have to visit your hometown.

  32. Hi, please like my page and follow my work! i will be really grateful! thank you! New shoots and own projects will be added soon. #streetstyle, #streetdance, #fashion just to give you a hint.


  33. best thing to do on a lazy Sunday night: watch old vlogs 🙌

  34. the cutest onscreen and offscreen couple….just get married

  35. Does Jess make the meals fully homemade? If she does she should make a cooking video for her channel. I would love to see that.

  36. His voice is exactly like Mr Garrison! 😛 Hahahahaha. Love it!

  37. Lol that South Park part.

  38. It's funny how the fact that the name of the video was 'model diet' made me notice, even more, everything Jess ate on the vlog hahahha xx

  39. Jessica where is this bra from???

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