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The Moment That Broke His Memory | The Long Road Home 360

The Moment That Broke His Memory | The Long Road Home 360

Step inside the mind of SGT Carl Wild in virtual reality – as he dives deep inside his broken memories of Black Sunday in the search for answers.
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The Long Road Home:
Based on Martha Raddatz’s bestseller, “The Long Road Home” chronicles the events of April 4th, 2004, when a platoon was ambushed in Sadr City, Baghdad, in an attack that came to be known as “Black Sunday.”

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Produced by BLACK DOT FILMS VR for National Geographic Partners
@2017 National Geographic Partners, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

This film contains scenes that may be difficult for some viewers.
Are you a veteran or concerned about one? The Veterans Crisis Line is there to help. 1-800-273-8255; Press 1 VeteransCrisisLine.net

The Moment That Broke His Memory | The Long Road Home 360

National Geographic

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  1. US is a savage occupier that slaughtered people of Iraq.

  2. Shoot Em In The FACEEEEE Brother !! 👍👍 Black Knights for life !! You know this. Never Alone, Never Quit, Never Out Of The Fight !!

  3. Powerful message thank you for your service and may god bless you.

  4. Obsession over a moment forever washed away by the river of time can not bring the moment back.

  5. To me PTSD is the mind trying to reconcile something that contradicts its programming. I have come close to killing 9 times and all were in the Air Force or the Border Patrol. Each time I could see the eyes of the person and each of those memories is burned into my mind. I almost pulled the trigger a couple of times. I am certain I can kill. It is a mindset that is regulated through muscle memory training. We always see the videos of those who have issues but they never show the ones who don't care. Believe me they exist.

  6. Terrorist USA, England, France, Germany, China, Russia and …….. Big countries

  7. To the thousands of Carl's out there. No you are not a monster. You help provide us Americans with the freedoms that we all so take for granted. I personally want to thank every brave man or woman that has fought for my freedom even if it means taking someone else's life or giving up your own. Thank you

  8. Thank you for your service ❤

  9. Hola puede subir un cachito de grandes escapes que pasaron hoy del escape del lecumberry en 1975 xfavor se los suplico me parecio interesante y lo quiero ver para una investigacion pero no lo encuentro

  10. I related to that video. I'm amazed how he described PTSD, the dreams are real. If you experience something traumatic your brain shuts down and when it feels your ready it will start showing you the images of what happened, through dreams. Hes really is very articulate, putting into words his experience, it has changed him forever, a deeper understanding of humanity, of himself and the effects of war. It saddens me too see the effects that horrible war has had on people.

  11. I am with you my brother 👍🙏

  12. He should not have signed up to kill people. Normal people do not kill other people. Normal people do not sympathize with killers. I do not sympathize with killers. Anywhere.

  13. Sniff sniff….hmmm smells like….PROPAGANDA

  14. Its a reasonable reaction to something unnatural. Stop the killing!

  15. هلو شلونكم يا ليعرف يتكلم عربي

  16. May the Lord bless the US Army. Amen !

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