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The Most Beautiful Wives of Professional Athletes

The Most Beautiful Wives of Professional Athletes

Being the best at what you do comes with many many benefits!

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The Most Beautiful Wives of Professional Athletes

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  1. If you had all the money and power in the world, who would be your future dream wife?


  3. People in the comments are actually crying that someone could judge girls on looks. Swj’s really are taking over

  4. Manchester Unified 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂

  5. Manchester Unified 😀 is that a prediction of the future Man City+ ManU = Man unified

  6. This is the saddest video ever

  7. I don't understand why I watched this vid but all I did was judge lolol

  8. When you have no video ideas

    This happens

  9. Really? What about piques marriage with Shakira

  10. Who has the right to say who is beautiful or not?

  11. “Manchester unified”??? It’s Manchester ‘United’😂 one of the biggest clubs in the world

  12. I mean if y’all like y’all flat chested no booty white girls, this your video.

  13. Wow so we are objectifying women by putting them on a list

  14. Where's Kobe Bryant's gold digger wife

  15. WOW! a chick falling in love with a really rich guy? Who would have thought that would happen! GET FUCKING REAL…..

  16. Ive never heard the term "Manchester unified" that's hilarious

  17. Peter crouch??? That dude is a goat!

  18. Ayesha curry looks better than all of them combined 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. I’m a small if you want something to make you laugh watch my new video! Thanmksksksks

  20. Well

    Time to go bang them

  21. Manchester Unified?? Hahaha!! Try Manchester United. Eeshhh!!

  22. All these girls are mainly white

  23. Beauty is relative, this to whatever idiot decided this was a good video idea

  24. Sana from TWICE is my dream wife

  25. 1979:in 40 years were gonna land on Mars
    2019: hottest wives of athletes

  26. I came here to read the comments 😂

  27. Bruh. Kate Upton and Justin Verlander

  28. Should be titled "wives of most famous athletes"

  29. I've been a Manchester Unified fan most of my life. Omg you muppets😜😂

  30. thank god!….there were black people in this.

  31. 😓i am now watching this video and i saw the question of the creator (who would be your future dream wife)
    i would love to type in the name of alexandra dadario, but my wife is behind me watching aswell ,
    so my future dream wife is my wife .
    aw!!! and she just punch me in the head .

    goodnight . dont get into marriage early guys, enjoy first and . . .
    AWWW! she just hit me again. 😢shttt

  32. What the actual fuck is wrong with you

  33. Where the hell is Kate Upton???

  34. She only Loves the Athlete's Paycheck Not the Athlete.

  35. I love the way you take photos and stock footages and turn them into a great informative clip. The transitions are also eye catching.

  36. "Victoria Beckham had a successful solo career" Err, no she didn't. She didn't go far at all and the reason for that is SHE CAN'T SING A FUCKING NOTE! SHE EVEN GOT CAUGHT MIMING IN HER FUCKING CONCERT! Successful fucking career my fucking arse!

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