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  1. whoops! I forgot my Ray-Bans inside… REWIND! REWIND!

  2. how do the humans get there cars back

  3. Oh my Gosh…
    Where these come from ?
    In Space Ship ? Or Down hold..deep Dirt hidden Mountain.. Lol

    This look very nice kool..
    Millions Cars 🚗 Parking

  4. these do save space but not money

  5. Found these channel from Mind Wherehouse

  6. Then a power outtage has er-body fkd…

  7. Those aren't rails those are guidelines that the video system captures and follows

  8. This just goes to show that that future is starting to flourish

  9. What is the average cost to use one of these parking areas?

  10. How about the effect of Earthquake? Can it withstand the force of nature?

  11. we gona have this in australia as well in 2057

  12. all the cars in the Miami thing were high-end vehicles why are all the vehicles shown high end vehicles

  13. I think about Final Destination when I see these

  14. I know it's been offered before but they should've shown Carvana. It's basically a company that uses the robotic car storage technology to sell cars and bring them to people when they purchase a car. It's basically a car vending machine. They even utilize giant tokens for the fun of it. They use a cylindrical storage system that's been shown before. I do enjoy seeing these types of systems.

    However, the whole industry of robotic car storage systems is really cool to me. It's not a new technology but it maximizes available space and makes it more difficult for thieves to take cars. It's not impossible to get around that security but it does pose a difficult challenge. For those who question the reliability of these systems, most of them have backup systems and some have backup generators so the system still can retrieve the car in the event of a power outage in the city. I also like this technology as it utilizes vertical space, obviously. Most parking facilities still use mostly horizontal space, even with multi-level parking garages (or car parks, for those in other countries, which I like the term more).

    With that being said, this stuff doesn't blow my mind. TechZone is just trying to be click bait with their titles but none of their videos blow my mind. Maybe they should come up with better titles or better terms.

  15. THe voice over is the same with bright side ,, just sayin

  16. I literally just finished watching MI4 and now this…lol

  17. ادخلوو شوفو الفيديو دة روعة

  18. Some of this is dumb, what if your car is on the top floor and then there’s cars under your…

  19. The Omer tri-park makes no sense! If you have your car parked on the top level and someone parks a car below you how do you get your car down? If you own all three cars you waste a lot of time moving them all just to get the car you want and if someone else parked there you would have to wait for them just to get your car back. This is a perfect example of “just because you can doesn’t mean you should”

  20. I like your channel have very interesting features

  21. You're running late, but you have to wait 30min for the claw machine to grab your car…

  22. 13 yah boiiiiiiii and this is boring for once

  23. So screw the awesome technology, y’all just care about who commented first. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  24. Hit like if u don't have a car 😌😌😅

  25. Don't u thought about car that's not need to be park🧘‍♂️🏎🤟

  26. First comment btw this vid is awsome

  27. First comment No comment hahahahah

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