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The new Raspberry Pi 4 is ready for 4K video

The new Raspberry Pi 4 is ready for 4K video

With up to 4GB of RAM, it’s the beefiest Pi yet.

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  1. This thing is particularly good for robotics projects. You forgot to mention the Jetson nano and this things lack of AI optimized hardware. I don't blame you for being a fanboy… I would rather have this over a Mac mini.

  2. 4k? i heard it can't handle 720p youtube videos full screen

  3. is it more powerful than synology entry-level nas?

  4. I just don't like the Micro HDMI fact that its structurally not long lasting if u move the device around alot the connections tend to break

  5. Please give me the purchase link

  6. If it supports 4K, it means it has enough framebuffer to support 1080 ultrawide like 2560×1080 in OpenGL. I hope they roll-out Vulkan for Pi4 & with Wayland becoming stable by then, we should have some decent desktop experience.

  7. Who the f want to hack with this computers

  8. AI powered Raspberry Pi incoming

  9. it sucks all that wait for a 1.5ghz pi? wtf ,,i'll stick with odroid xu4

  10. Is its USB still sharing its bus with the ethernet port?

  11. After all videos of pi, I came here to see how a pi lie for sponsorship looks like…

  12. IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: According to Linus Tech Tips, and personal experience confirmed with the micro HDMI are very flimsy and easily can or will break.

    It’s a shame they should have made it as full size HDMI port. Good luck not breaking them. I DONT RECOMMEND IF YOU WILL BE USING FOR THAT REASON.

  13. Imagine all the indie games i play on my expensive ass pc, i wonder how many would play on the pi4?

  14. I will buy this for using it as a vpn, pihole and a storage server! 🙂

  15. I'm working on making Raspberry Pi self-aware

  16. My personal project is too turn that raspberry pi 4 into raspberry pi 5 but the hardware just isn’t powerful enough.

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