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The NYC Apartment Situation

The NYC Apartment Situation

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New York Apartment Situation | October 25th 2016
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Erik Conover Video Blog 477: So fired up to be back in NYC!! Debating when I should get a new place, running errands, fun dinner with new friends at the Olive Garden lol.

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  1. Also loving all this networking, so many ppl to follow!!!

  2. In love sith Sara and her bubbly personality😍 lol

  3. Ahhhhh nothing beats living Brooklyn!!!!

  4. 5:30 idk why, but I thought that was a blunt at first

  5. That's cool you're connected to India. Seems like Gary V. really appreciates and respects her. I might have to move to New York instead of LA and make some cool, real friends.

  6. can't belive you dont have more subscribers.. your vlogs are amazing, great content! keep up the good work and i bet it will pay off, eventually :)))

  7. I'm proud of you Erik. Just the way you've handled everything recently… the break up, the apartment situation. You're doing good man and you're a real inspiration… I wish you the best my man. Cheers 🙂

  8. Listening to Gurty Beats, what the name of this song playing in the background?

  9. You should definitely get an apartment in the downtown, it would be so cooooool!

  10. Love ya Erik! Thanks for being true to yourself

  11. UWS/ Morningside Heights is really nice. Definitely prefer it to UES and Midtown. Downtown is completely dead at night, unless you're talking about the villages/ soho/noho where rent for what you get is not great at all.

  12. I really like Sara. She's so genuine.

  13. living situations in New York can be stressful.

  14. God I miss New York and travelling

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