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“The One Great Site Which Every American Should See” | National Geographic

Millions of visitors see the Grand Canyon each year. And that’s becoming a problem.
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“The One Great Site Which Every American Should See” | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Too many interviews and people yapping, and not enough scenery.

  2. why just every American?????? what about me 🙁

  3. Attention to all comments below me. For those who weren't paying attention, the reason they consider it an issue to visit the Grand Canyon is because the constant trailing inside the canyon causes the soil to sink just a little bit more with each footstep. You're all welcome.

  4. Pictures really don't do it justice. I thought the same thing till I went and saw it. Crazy part is how it's just all trees and then boom 18 miles of canyon.

  5. So, those not from America should not? Sounds kinda nacist

  6. i fucking died lmao shit had me rollin

  7. I've been to the canyon a dozen times in various seasons, and while I've never felt alone, it rarely felt crowded to me. I guess crowded is relative; as a New Jersey boy, to me, crowded is the Mall of New Jersey on Christmas Eve. Even in the summer, when I've been down a trail a mile or so, I've had plenty of times when I couldn't see or hear anyone else around me, when I've stood in awe of the view and thought "What is man that God is cognisant of him?".

  8. @Decembirth You could make either one work, but the expression is "see the sights", not "see the sites".

    Lots of people on the Internet get these mixed up, so it's not surprising that Google turns up both. You need to consult print sources.

  9. @lytrigian
    Apparently Google turns up results for both. But it seems to make more sense using "Site"

    Site – piece of land
    Sight – visual perception

  10. Doesn't look that exciting

  11. i think that many people walking around, and being confined to a little path would really take away from the experience

  12. I love the Grand Canyon but I think the Bryce Canyon is even more amazing! I recommend every American go see both. 🙂

  13. Just wondering what best season to visit? Just want to enjoy the scenery early in the morning without having to rush like people in this videos seem to do

  14. i come on and c a whole block of comments e.e

  15. If you get the chance, take a hike on one of the trails down into the canyon. It's big. MIND-BOGGLINGLY big. No other way to describe it. Just make sure you're prepared physically and mentally.

  16. Theodore Roosevelt said "sight", not "site. What a stupid error.

  17. they never said what their so concerned about.

  18. @STAINILIIEY Nah, meth is better.

  19. That looks beautiful yet boring.

  20. definetly on my to do list

  21. Soooo….they want us to go see it or not?

  22. I went this year (just a few weeks ago) and it is one of the GREATEST sites of all time. If you REALLY want to see it in all its glory and in peace, wake up early (about 7 or 6) if you don't plan on heading down and just checking out the sight from the rim. If you want to check it out for real, get down from the rim and start heading down to the canyon floor. The further you head down, the more peaceful it is. Some of these people try to trek the trail in high heels! Damn tourists, not hikers.

  23. Amazing, I hope to see it one day myself. Hopefully there won't be as many people. 🙂

  24. @GoogleVideoMan not horses 🙁

  25. I walked to the bottom and spent a day there. Wonderful memory.

  26. thinly veiled malthusianism lulz

  27. @yesenia1070 the soil where the tracks are wearing down, so it might just one day collapse.

  28. so i dont get why its a problem that a shit load of people visit?? is their something i didnt hear?

  29. The north side is more isolated. The UN owns the Grand Canyon and most of the US Natl Parks. Get the UN out of the US! Research Agenda 21.

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