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The Orangutan and the Hound | National Geographic

When Surya the orangutan meets a hound dog by the river, the two carry on like long lost friends.
Unlikely Animal Friends : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/episode/unlikely-animal-friends-4317/Overview
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The Orangutan and the Hound | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. I love Surya's breakdancing.

  2. I think that was the moment when we started to tame and domesticate animals

  3. Human beings style ourselves as the pinnacle of evolution.  But human beings are just clever.  If the pinnacle of evolution is defined by true intelligence, love and happiness, surely these two non-human guys are way ahead of humans..

  4. I want  orangutan or chimpanzee so bad, this is my favorite animal couple.

  5. The Hunting Dog that ran away and joined the circus. 

  6. After seeing this, what is the defense that we (humans) are not descendants of primates? And if you think about it, they are better than us especially in the current time of police and race and etc. The orangutan and the dog could care less. Nice.

  7. What a great job this lady has… Never will be bored, never will feel underpaid. 

  8. ❤️ Where is this – I want a job there!

  9. Wonderful, heartwarming friendship!

  10. How does anyone hit "dislike" after watching this clip.  

  11. Awesome video i like 1:05 part the best 🙂

  12. blake lively sent me here:)

  13. Just darling. Pure joy to watch these wonderful animals.

  14. it is actually! I think there are 2 books about them . .

  15. The hound "adopted" them and not the other way around!

  16. Jesus, I need a shot of insulin after that…and I'm not even diabetic

  17. Haha, I felt the same way about my boyfriend and me.

  18. 30,000+ clicks of this came from people clicking on my blog so far. I just found out from google analytics out of that 30,000 people who knows who reblogged it or shared it with their friend 😛 Just thought I would share that with you 😛

  19. That was awesome! Sure would be nice if people could get along as well as that silly ape and funky hound dog!

  20. "We got the humans fooled, we about to do that Ocean's Eleven breakout. Let's grab the elephant and rendezvous in Cancun in a couple of days."

  21. It's an animal sanctuary, not some rich guy with exotic pets.


  23. i like how he force feeds the dog lol

  24. He's not a monkey, he's an orangutan, a member of the ape family. And they are obviously having a blast together. If the dog didn't like it, he would leave, not seek out Suryia's company. Are you watching a different video?

  25. Will the safety of the dog become an issue as the ape matures?

  26. This should be a children's book!

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