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‘The President Is Impeached’: Pelosi Honors Elijah Cummings After Historic Vote | NBC News NOW

Following the historic House vote, Speaker Nancy Pelosi took a moment to honor the late Rep. Elijah Cummings, stating before reporters that “the president is impeached.”
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‘The President Is Impeached’: Pelosi Honors Elijah Cummings After Historic Vote | NBC News NOW


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  1. So you were telling GOD'S honest truth, well I appreciate your honesty Nancy Pelosi. But just so you know, I honestly don't think that Donald Trump will be going down without a fight. He thinks this impeachment you inflicted upon him is a joke. So yeah just to give you a heads up you and your friends better get ready, for Donald Trump is going to strike and trust me he is destructive and dangerous when he's angry so yeah. Good luck.

  2. Cannot wait to see that whole crowd in orange jumpsuits next years. Traitors!

  3. NBC you talk about Trump but you can’t even post the news! December 19th news not posted! You’re a negligent not Trump! You have one job and you can’t even do it! Posting the news for the United States citizens! Trump 2020!

  4. “If the House does not communicate its impeachment to the Senate, it hasn’t actually impeached the president

  5. Also cummings last words were GO TRUMP 2020..GO PENCE 2024/2032

  6. Democrats are giddy over the “Impeachment” . Hypocrites!

  7. breaking news your tax dollars are being thrown away to brainwash you in to complete slavery. "Look over here while we destroy you over here". They say protect the constitution that they swore to as they are slowly destroying it and the individual free american.. you are being lied to on both sides of the political sports ball arena. Liberate yourself and wake up. They want this country divided on every aspect of life and then dependant on the government.

  8. What a pathetic group of liars, losers, and dbags.

  9. Can''t believe these Treasonous Scoundrels are not Charged and Arrested yet all based on hearsay; unbelievable.

  10. Nance, looking forward to 2020.

  11. As  per 
    news  reports  , 
    US  President  Donald 
    Trump   has  been  
    impeached  on  18 December 
    2019  by  the 
    House  of  Representatives  through 
    a  majority  of 
    votes ,  on  both 
    articles  of  charge 
    –  abuse  of 
    power  and  obstruction 
    of  Congress.  This 
    development  seemed  to 
    have  become  obvious 
    when  Donald  Trump 
    declined  to  appear 
    before  the   House  
    Judicial  Committee   as  he  did 
    not  expect  fairness 
    there.  Now  ,  
    a  trial  of  the  articles 
    of  charge  would 
    be  held  by 
    the  Senate  where 
    the  Republican  Party 
    to  which  President 
    Trump  belongs  , 
    has  enough    majority. 
    Independent  observers  are 
    hoping  to  watch 
    the  unfolding  of 
    developments  in  the 
    Senate  with  immense 
    and  closer  interest. 
    General  perception  is 
    that  Trump  may 
    not  be  removed 
    from  office.  In 
    this  context  , 
    it  may  be 
    apt  to  refer 
    readers  to  this 
    Vedic  astrology  writer’s 
    prediction  of  1 
    May  2019   through 
    article   “  Mid 2019  
    to  November 2020  for 
    President  Donald  Trump  
    -A  Vedic  astrology 
    view”  ,   published 
    on  1  June 
    2019  in  Wisdom 
    Magazine  monthly  Webzine 
    Briefly  speaking  ,   
    as  per  the 
    article  ,   some  
    major  worrisome  concern 
    like  impeachment  inquiry   
    was  implied  to 
    take  shape  in 
    October  ,  2019  
    against  President  Trump.  
    It  had  been 
    further   predicted that  major 
    worrisome  concerns  for 
    Trump  do  not 
    stop  sooner.  These  
    looked  to  be 
    reaching  out  to 
    somewhere  as  far 
    as  April  or 
    June  2020  , 
    the  predictive  alert 
    had  said.  The 
    following  text  in 
    the  article  is 
    speaking  in  itself 

    “   Planetary 
    indications  suggest  that 
    the  trend  of 
    one  worrisome  goes 
    ,  another  is 
    in  the  waiting 
    to  enter  ,  
    looks  to  be 
    continuing  until  about 
    April  or  mid -2020. 
    The  month  of 
    October  in  present 
    year  2019  looks 
    to  be  particularly 
    worrisome ,  calling  for 
    more  care  , 
    appropriate  strategy  and 
    much  needed  patience. 
    Machinations    or  designs  
    of  those  opposing 
    him  ,  within 
    the  US   or 
    from  among  global 
    community  ,  can 
    gather   more  steam. 
    Some  friends  may 
    likely  distance  with 

    As  regards 
    the  final  outcome 
    ,  it  was 
    predicted  that  planetary 
    impacts  did  not 
    suggest  removal  from 
    office  for  Trump 
    ,  rather  something 
    better  seemed  to  be  there – 
    a  win  for 
    him  in  November 
    2020  election  meaning 
    another  term  with 
    a  difference.

  12. When Pelosi and Elijah stand at judgement day, God will not ask about any impeachment. Instead he will ask why they supported a group that promoted, and encouraged abortion, homosexuality, infanticide, transgenderism and other evils of this earth.

  13. Swamp creatures sticking together.

  14. Nancy Pelosi are you telling GOD'S honest truth?

  15. I believe Hod shall punish the United states for it's crazy decisions that these politicians are making.

  16. This was a beautiful acknowledgement of Elijah Cummings.

  17. Key words. Tumultuous error.

  18. Good thing Cummings is dead and can’t enjoy it 🔥

  19. Hey Nancy! Why don't you tell your little brainwashed sheep here in comments what Impeachment really means.. 😆 Don't forget folks, he's still your president!

  20. Pelosi sounds and looks like a Drunk Deranged Delusional old lady who sniffed too much paxil this morning.

  21. Trump needs to kick this crazy soulless lady to the curb already. Her and her flock of sheep she's corrupted. There's no Heaven for people like her.

  22. Thank God America. We did the right thing. Trump put his hand on the Bible and swore to protect you your family and America. He violated that trust. Remove Trump from the Oval Office now.

  23. I heard Bill Clinton's wife is paying women to toungue tease men in order to get them to vote against Trump in the impeachment vote🤔

  24. It's going to back fire, just see what happens . 100% guarantee.

  25. These diaper wearing socialist clowns sell outs make me laugh.
    God bless there corrupted Souls they only think about themselves and not the success of our great country America!
    God bless America
    And our great president Donald Trump

  26. “IT’S YOUR FUNERAL” – New York Post Savages “Swamp Mistress” Pelosi After Trump Impeachment Vote

  27. WTF is wrong with these people.

  28. Wasting government time and money now that you finished with this facade Nancy Pelosi are you going to do something about people taking dumps in grocery aisles in your district? the drug needles flooding the streets like sewer water flowing down a grate? are you ever going to implement a plan that helps the homeless not fill the pockets of the sated corrupters ? cause you are horrible speaker and lousy Representative of the United States Government. Shame on you Shame on us Shame on Humanity Shame on Democracy .

  29. Nancy Pelosi is my super hero.

  30. The unique benevolent president looking for corrupt Biden on Ukraine’s goberné was only looking to stop corruption calling president of Ukraine to help with corruption now pelos looking to impeach our most benevolent president

  31. Trump AINT Defeated WATCH GOD

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