The psychological weight loss strategy | Laurie Coots

What is the best strategy for getting fitter, losing weight, living a healthier life? Laurie Coots shares a few life-hacks that worked for her, starting with this: “Imagine your healthy future self and start living that life now.”

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Enjoy this unedited talk by Laurie Coots .
Filmed at TEDUniversity in 2015.


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  1. I really resonated when she said that my body is perfect for my current life. That's such an awesome perspective, because it means that with every small change of diet or exercise your body will adjust. You don't have to go cold turkey low carb or vegan or whatever. Thank you!

  2. basically what’s she’s saying is: “I’m very rich, and I got very lucky.”

  3. Just watching random ted talks but whoever put a thumbs down on the video is a jackass. This is a great achievement! Good easy advice that works. Thoroughly enjoyed her talk (:

  4. Where is the "psychological" in this? Its all pure conductual, wrong title

  5. * I guess since everyone of us have the choice to like and/or dislike a certain topic, speaker, subject matter, how it was presented we can go and put a thumbs down.

    However, for myself who's liking it can't but wonder what would make a person dislike it enough to put a thumbs down.

    Not only on this, but even on the slightest think as an innocent infant who couldn't hurt anyone and/or anything.

    Please forgive me, if I have said anything wrong.

    Just a recap of what she has mentioned:

    Imagine your healthy future self

    Start living that life now

    Break your journey down into little battles that you can win

    Become your own science experiment

    Come up with strategies that will last for two days or two years

    Start eating like your life depends on it because it does! Thank you!

  6. How I mentally handle my current weight-loss/get fit agenda? Imagine the pain and fatigue from the exercise is all my fat screaming for mercy and I'm the Big E obliterating the invading species like the filthy Xenos they are….

    …. I should lay off the Warhammer….

    I also saw a picture of how fit I used to be, had a horrific 'Holy shit, what happened?!' moment and wanted that body back.

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  9. Chirp chirp @ the sludge Jaws joke.

  10. One of the most inspirational and helpful ted talk I’ve seen.

  11. Thank you for your powerful presentation. I felt as if you were speaking directly to me.

  12. Hello guys, I've seen this page talking about Keto Diet and I'd like to start a plan. What do you think about their product? Is it reliable in your opinion? Thanksss

  13. Ugh, I hate tracking though…

  14. Here's what I learned about eating: do or don't. The mechanism of not doing it will pay for itself and when you simplify that "it is what it is" between those decisions. And you won't waste time with the affirmation diversion potential. Therefore in contrast to definetley not going into the loop of either of the easily comparable affirmations "that's good" or "that's bad" because then you get caught in the cycle of the psychological digression and lack of physical awareness such as the feet[walking to the food] and hands [grabbing the food holding it and putting it to your mouth]. I break it down. But this lacking and diagression leads to you eating which is what you don't want to. Fasting can be the truest intervention of a healthy balanced diet. Basically time in between meals..I eat once a day and I enjoy waiting for my food because I know I can eat what ever yet with a boost of deciding to be healthy when actually I do eat! Now it just makes sense that every "tweak" will pay for itself! But its start with fasting a.k.a. saying no to food.

  15. This might be the most useless Ted Talk I've ever watched.

  16. Diet pills are the only thing that works for me, otherwise I am hungry all the time and have no self control.

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  18. omg i did the chopstick thing and it really did help til i got good at using them lmao

  19. Hello! TEd,i <3 your story i was wondering if u have heard of this weight loss program before?@t. looks like a great program to help people lose weight, i was just looking for some opinions before i made my @t the way your video! i will suscribe and share all of your videos on my facebook groups thank yoou

  20. She wasn't waiting for laughter. I think she was checking to see if her clicker was working and the slide on the tv had changed.

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  22. If you're listening to a Ted Talk to help you lose weight, I wanna be
    here to let you know that you're on the right path! The change in your
    body will first begin in your mind. Educate yourself on how to transform
    the thoughts that cause you to remain overweight. I did this myself and
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    starts shaking leg vigorously

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  25. Thank you for the pep talk, lots of great information! I am struggling with sugar addiction and have tried lots of things to get myself off of it, or at least eat it in modification, and nothing has worked. I will try some of your tips though.

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