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The Rational National on TYT

The Rational National on TYT

Cenk Uygur interviews David Doel (Creator and Host of The Rational National) on Canadian politics and his popular YouTube channel. http://therationalnational.com

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur

Cast: Cenk Uygur


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Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. A young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations.(American Heritage Dictionary)

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  1. Well, learned even more disadvantages of the US-American healthcare system. You actually have to wait? For acute things?
    I just go to the doctor, when necessary. Sure, i will complain about having to wait a few hours, if it's one of those days, but waiting multiple days?

  2. I always like the flannels David wears. That being said, very smart guy.

  3. I’m subscribed to both channels

  4. Our US healthcare is too hard to deal with. Over the years, it's really become harder to get in to doc offices, and harder to figure out how to use it – do I need a referral? Will this be covered?, etc. It just feels so complicated to me, and, hence, I don't use it as much as I probably ought to.

  5. I love the Rational National …he’s Rational!

  6. I feel badly that I had to find out about David on an American show. Thank you Cenk, great interview.

  7. Neat. I have been following him for a bit and I can attest that he is smart and very thorough

  8. Australian here, can confirm here you can also make a same day appointment to see you doctor. You walk in, just give them your name and wait a bit, see your doctor then leave. No money exchanged, no paperwork.

  9. Hi Cenk, I'm Irish and we have a health care system which is linked our taxes. We donate from our taxes a pro-rata percentage amount varying from a very small amount if you are unemployed or incapacitated and qualify for a medical card, which means that you are entitled to full medical services and free prescription drugs whatever the cost, however there is a small government charge of 2 Euro for every different type of medicine you may be prescribed for a 3 month period. Dental care, free extractions only. Free eye tests every 4 years with 95 Euro subsidy. Free hearing aids no cost involved with free maintenance every year if required. Free childcare from birth to end of college/university studies. Free bus and train travel anywhere on the Island of Ireland, which includes free ferry services to any Island within our National borders to all Irish citizens over 65 years.

  10. The Rational National is an awesome YouTube channel. How in the hell did David lose in an election?

  11. I love this guy he’s awesome

  12. Without insurance, 1 MRI is about $800 in Buffalo, Ny which has 2 bridges to Canada. It sucks asshole what we pay here in the US.

  13. Bernier sounds like Bernie's opposite like Steve Urkel and Stefan Urquelle.


  15. Look at David with his cute Canadian self! Glad to see him getting some time on TYT.

  16. The Rational National is by far the best Progressive voice on Youtube.

  17. Canada: wisely studying the cautionary tale that is its neighbor on the south.

  18. Republican medicare for all myth busted in 1….2….3


  20. Waiting 3 months for a non-emergency surgery isn't that bad. It's not uncommon to wait that long or longer in the U.S.

  21. Thanks, TYT for having the RN on. I've been a subscriber of his show for quite a while now and he does some great stories.

  22. What about the People's Front of Judea, or the People's Judean Front? They are now the People's Popular Front, splitters!

  23. With regards to that last question, about moving to a privatised system. I'm in the UK and that's what the Torries want to do, sort of, not a system like the US has now but a system more similar with more privately owned pockets of providers, the system as a whole would still be further to the left and more socialised than the US will have even id Bernie gets everything he is asking for in his Medicare for All Bill. We had weeks of mass protests with hundreds of thousands of people. If they made it an actual part of their manifesto instead of trying to sneak it in by starving the NHS of funds they'd be hung from the nearest lamppost Mussolini style. We have a saying here, the NHS is the true state religion and it's not far off being true.

  24. Every other country in the developed world has some form of universal healthcare accept the United States.

  25. Thank you for featuring a Canadian producer!!!

  26. These 2 channels should've met together many years ago.

  27. Foot on Jimmy "Alex Jones" Dore's ass. Bring the National Rational.

  28. Yay! So so happy you had him on. Fellow Canadian here, long time viewer. Please do this more often, use us please! Not ONE single Canadian will say they’d rather have your health care, not ONE. We have issues and we’re working on them, but please don’t believe this bullshit about people dying because they can’t get treatment fast enough. Yes if it’s elective surgery, then there is sometimes a wait, anything even somewhat serious is taken care of right away, it’s called triage, Jesus. For instance I’m currently having health issues, seeing 3 separate specialists, yesterday I was at clinic where in 2.5 hours I had a mammogram, CT scan of my neck, lungs AND abdominal. Also loads of blood work. Walked in, gave my Medicare card, got my tests, then literally just went home. Didn’t sign anything, in and out! This is all I’ve ever known and I’m 46.

  29. Remember when all regressives said they would move to Canada if Trump got elected?

  30. The old "Canada is better than USA" trope. How original.

  31. thanks Cenk for the interview I like Doel

  32. Super cool of you guys to feature and give a shout out to the Rational National.

  33. This guy is full of shit. Rand Paul went to Canada to see a specialist at a specialized private hernia clinic. He paid.

  34. I love you progressives, you're so pure and idealistic but you'll all be voting for Kamala Harris for president. You're all sheep

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