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The REAL Reason Why SNL Is Hiring Conservatives Like Shane Gillis

The REAL Reason Why SNL Is Hiring Conservatives Like Shane Gillis

Apparently, Lorne Michaels is recruiting Conservatives like Shane Gillis for SNL. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. TYT poll on Shane Gillis: https://tyt.com/snl

Read more here: https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/snl-conservative-shane-gillis-hire-1203339723/

“Saturday Night Live” was looking to shake things up with the casting of Shane Gillis — and it did, albeit unintentionally.

According to sources, the long-running NBC comedy show and series mastermind Lorne Michaels were actively looking to cast a comedian for its new season who would appeal to more conservative viewers. This was meant to counteract the appearance of a liberal bias on the show, given that it has seen a major resurgence in popularity in recent years with Alec Baldwin regularly portraying President Donald Trump while other cast members and guest stars have played members of his administration and those in his orbit.

“SNL” typically recruits cast members from improv troupes like The Groundlings, Second City, and The Upright Citizens Brigade, with the belief that even though they may lack onscreen acting experience, their time onstage with those groups would prepare them for the rigors of “SNL’s” weekly schedule. Auditions for such performers usually consist of character bits and celebrity impressions. It is believed that Gillis, who has no credited onscreen acting experience, auditioned using a portion of his stand up routine.”*

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. "the guy who runs the show… lauren… whats his name?"

    dumb dog

  2. My wife is Filipino, like Dave Chappelle's, and I'm extremely offended that you would call a Filipino woman Chinese. [TRIGGER WARNING] The last time I heard a bigot throw all Asian ethnicities/nationalities under "Chinese" was in middle school. It's about as immature as calling anime "Chinese cartoons". I would ask that you please publish an apology video to all Filipino people and make some kind of donation to a charity that helps Filipinos in poverty. Unless you really are just a racist bigot; if so, do nothing and carry on.

  3. So glad you're on the case Anna.Because like the old saying goes nobody knows comedy like sjw women!

  4. Shane Gillis is way cooler than you gays

  5. This chick has dog brains

  6. Haha. “Im not from that world” how about doing some reading before you put the camera on. Ffs man.

  7. TYT y’all still have content?

  8. It’s pretty bad that I have an Asian wife chenk, don’t care about the spelling, can’t see the difference between Chinese and filipino.

  9. Only 20 seconds in and Ana is ALREADY lying! He didn't say terrible things about the asian community. For her to reach that conclusion just completely blows my mind and shows how desperate she is to be outraged.

  10. TYT Ana talking about being SO TIRED of comedians playing victims is the best joke ive heard all week. This coming from someone who made a career based on having a victim mentality.

  11. Ana, The purpose of comedy is to make people laugh. That’s it. No rules, that’s the point. As a relief from the otherwise polite society and to “poke fun” at taboo topics. Nothing is taboo in comedy. This punching up theory you have never was the case ever with any comedian in history. Not Seinfeld not Charlie Chaplin or even the vulgar ones like Andrew Dice Clay. Every one should be able to laugh at themselves. Also left leaning comedians bash trump and the right all day just like centrists and more right leaning comedians bash Woke culture and SJWs all day. Neither are exempt.

  12. Guessing Cenk's never heard of….

    Norm Macdonald
    Ron White (I'm assuming)
    Owen Benjamin
    Nick DiPaolo
    Tim Allen
    Dennis Miller
    Katherine Madigan (assuming)
    Bill Engvall
    Jeff Dunham

  13. Finally. Calling Dave’s wife Chinese when she in fact is Filipino is boarder line racist. Good job there chunk. You and the fat shamer are grade A.

  14. And by the way dumb Ana. I for one LOVE the SJW TYT jokes and again if you use (your ugly word) facts, are great. just because you don’t like Dave Chappelle and your fat bass didn’t like Gillis doesn’t mean the rest of us American citizens hated it. Btw again 99% approval means that you idiots are wrong. Love TYT

  15. He didn’t attack the “Asian community” as you stupidly say it. Let’s not forget that there is actual video of what you read. But again actually using facts and logic is a no-no for you stupid communists. Got to love the tyt……..”I’m better”

  16. Ana you have no self awareness

  17. To find the people who have power over you, find the people you can't critisize

  18. Shane isn’t conservative…. they hired him because of his stand up being funny. Not because of the clips from his podcasts.

  19. Umm. Who is the racist? Chapelle's wife is Filipino. Pretty sure someone else pointed this out as well. Young Turks, just give up. If you look hard enough you will find problems everywhere. No one likes you. We just laugh at your absurdity.

  20. So basically…… this kinda humour is unacceptable….. except when a left leaning comedian does it? They shouldn't have fired him, it was a bad move on SNL's part. Also Dave Chappelle was hilarious, stop pandering to SJWs who think he's a white supremacist

  21. Of course she knows Lauren Michael's name. And of course she is from 'that world'. She would know lesser known producers like the back of her hand. It's her profession and she is being deliberately obtuse.

  22. well you don't think it's funny because you have no sense of humor. that's not Chapelle's fault

  23. Gilles: talks about china town and chinese people specifically
    TYT: Here's an out of context random quote where he denigrated the "asian community"! He deserved being fired!

    TYT: Chapelle should shut up and read the room, his jokes are insensitive to [group] and how dare netflix air it!
    Also TYT: OMG Shut up comedians! How dare you proclaim to be victims while I complain on behalf of people I assert are victims of your evil comedy! Chapelle's special was terrible and he should read the room!
    The review from "the room" on his special: 99% approval

    If comedy is about making fun at those in power, then clearly making fun of sjws is mocking the powerful since sjws got him fired.

    Clearly TYT thinks all asian people are chinese since chinese and chinatown are "asian community" and Cenk thinks Chapelle's Filipino wife is chinese.

  24. The punching down is where I draw the line. U got people who are already vulnerable and u make it worse? That's what annoyed me with Dave Chappelle

  25. TYT is very Toxic!! Heck Cenk is racist & he doesn't even know it! Ana has NO SENSE OF HUMOR – NONE.. She's perpetually offended at EVERYTHING while denying she's offended. I dare Ana to tell 5 jokes, If she really has a sense of humor she'd poke fun of herself during 2016 election coverage MELTDOWN, loads of gems there. Speaking of Toxic TYT, did you see uncle Cenk beg Hasan to retract / apologize for his tantrum rant while watching Dan Crenshaw.

  26. Dave Chappelle, are you joking? 99% likes. He knows how to read the room.

  27. One video Ana said I like Top Gear, it's a very funny show. Another video where TG make fun of Mexico, Ana, why are they doing jokes when it's a car show?

  28. I went to see TYT being recorded, it was full of SJWs.

  29. "Why is it that everytime producers and showrunners feel the need to pander to the right, there's some sort of racist mysoginist scandal?" GEEZ I don't know Ana, maybe it's because everytime anyone on the right does anything : people will go through 10 years of content, find a quote and take it out of context and then "journalists" like you will TURN INTO A SCANDAL.

  30. Cenk and TYT should learn to read the room.

  31. You guys remind me of a live -action , shittier version the Cow and Chicken cartoon I used to watch as a kid … a real shittier version

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