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The REAL Story of Bonnie and Clyde

The REAL Story of Bonnie and Clyde

The Real Story of BONNIE and CLYDE | The Story
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Who are Bonnie and Clyde?
How many did Bonnie and Clyde kill?
How did Bonnie and Clyde really die?
How much money did Bonnie and Clyde steal?
Why were Bonnie and Clyde considered heroes?
What is the story of Bonnie and Clyde?
Was Bonnie and Clyde in love?
Who finally killed Bonnie and Clyde?
Who killed Bonnie and Clyde?
Why did Bonnie have a limp?
What gun killed Bonnie and Clyde?
Was Bonnie and Clyde in love?
How did Frank Hamer die?
Is Bonnie and Clyde a love story?
How many bullets hit Bonnie and Clyde?
How long were Bonnie and Clyde on the run?
What does Bonnie and Clyde mean?
Where is the real Bonnie and Clyde car?
How many bullets fired at Bonnie and Clyde?
How much did Bonnie and Clyde car sell for?
Where did Bonnie and Clyde get caught?
What states did Bonnie and Clyde go through?
What happened to Bonnie’s leg?

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  1. Hello Aluxers! What’s your opinion about Bonnie and Clyde?

    15 Things You Didn't Know About Al Capone: http://y2u.be/MMlvpyDD5ZU
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  2. To put it simply they were scum.

  3. So intruded I hate how they died can we say over kill

  4. Always have been intrigued by Bonnie and Clyde so instering

  5. Well that was interesting. But not too relevant.

  6. Clyde help someone escape prison from while a fugitive himself, that's gangster lol

  7. Me, no. I know Bonnie and Clyde weren't the fabulous dolls the media paints them to be. But this was still a great video to watch. I did learn thing I never know.

  8. So we're not gonna mention how the police raped Clyde while he was in prison?


  10. Even though the gang had BARs Clyde liked the Browning A5 Clyde nicknamed Whipit.

  11. I seen this story on discovery ID ,one year ago.

  12. Damn I need a girl like bonnie

  13. Non-Aluxers are missing out.

  14. the media really distort everything, huh?

  15. From everything I've read, Bonnie Parker was in way over her head, but she made her choice to be with Barrow, and in the end paid with her life. The plain fact is they murdered at least 12 people. In 1934, did anyone think this was going to end peacefully?

  16. How can you say Bonnie & Clyde killed police without any mention of how the police abused daily and raped Clyde when he was in Jail for petty theft initially. Police abused their power shamelessly, they basically sent Clyde numerous invitations for a war.

  17. Please make a video about books for depression, Please I'm a teenager and I find your videos to be inspiring.

  18. Nope didnt change my mind you canr be mad at criminals for doing what criminals do. She was a good woman. They're the best till this day💪

  19. I think they are a good example for how powerful media is. It would be interesting if they planned to become famous, or if it was just a lucky coincidence for them.

  20. In this day and age, more like Tom and Jerry, instead of Bonnie and Clyde.

  21. Fuck these two, they are a bunch of murderers.

  22. Alux is for future billionaires. I'm a future trillionare, alux dosent inspire me🤵🤵.

  23. Ok, there are interesting topics on your channel but to be fair, WTF does Bonnie and Clyde have to do with the luxury life, of interest to future billionaires, ect??????? Are luxury topics that difficult to find? I have a few: how about the Sultan of Brunei, how about luxury car makes (this can be a mini topic and you can stretch this out a while), how about Royal familys world wide, worlds richest family busisnesses and what they do, oil barrons, Saudi princes, ……….I could see ANY of these but BONNIE AND CLYDE? …ALUX STAFF, you all have a brand, why this, are you going to be going into crime or crime couples, BC I know they stole some money BUT definitely not a Billion, LOL

  24. This isn't a recommended way to get rich

  25. Women love bad boys when they are at their prime.

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