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The retro game renaissance continues with the PlayStation Classic | Engadget Today

$99 gets you 20 “generation defining” games.

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  1. No thanks my PSP have complete library of PSX.

  2. This is Playstation 5… Oh No… How it could be…

  3. Sony should add micro sd support in this playstation classic..so we can download ps1 rom into the micro sd card and played it directly in this device..

  4. Who buys this junk these days

  5. It's a rip off in my opinion. There are emulators that play the games in HD and they do look very nice might I add. Sony could have at least cleaned up the graphics a bit.

  6. Do kids these days even know Sega Genesis?

  7. I still have my original Playstation with two original controllers, I'm so glad my mom didnt give it away or trew it away. On lazy sundays I just play Gran Turismo and it's still so much fun.

  8. it took me a while to understand that 12.3.2018 isnt next march, but that it is already 2018 and it's MM/DD/YYYY
    "what kind of holiday's in march?"

  9. Thank for brightening my day by reminding me that I'm not a gamer.

  10. Is it confirmed proprietary? Looks like standard USB

  11. I would buy it if it were a PS2. Pass

  12. We want backwards compatibility on PS4 like Microsoft did.

  13. I'll stick with my shield and emulators

  14. Meeh. The NES and SNES were cool because they represent the best in platform gaming in well designed worlds. The PS1 represents the worst in 3d gaming and horrible premature engines. Cool then sucks now.

  15. Tbh I picked up a SNES classic as I was excited as hell. But replaying the games nowadays just isn't as fun as it was back in the day. I guess the bar has been raised so much, not just in graphics but storytelling too that it just isn't as fun. Not saying it totally sucks but I think my nastaliga had me expecting more. I'd venture to say, for me at least, this console would be the same

  16. Ridge Racer Type 4 is fucking baller.

  17. I'm happy don't learned from Nintendo's mistake of using three foot cords. Looks we get a solid half foot on these bad boys!

  18. Would be better if they had got the Ps5 with this look

  19. Wish they would add these:

    Twisted Metal
    Silent Hill
    Metal Gear Solid
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
    Tony hawk Pro Skater 2
    Ape Escape
    parappa the rapper
    Battle Arena Toshinden
    Parasite Eve

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