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The RICHEST Poker Players In The World

The RICHEST Poker Players In The World

Here is a list of the top earning professional poker players in history.

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The RICHEST Poker Players In The World

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  1. Negreanu didn't win the One Drop, he came 2nd. He lost to Dan Coleman who won $15.3m for first.

  2. Negreanu is totally my favourite. Plus i like him even more because Phil Hellmuth doesnt like him.

  3. to those unfamiliar, these are cashes not profit. and most of these players don't pay the full amount themselves; only a portion of the buy-in (registration fee). So the older players in the list has less of a profit compared to the young ones like fedor holz

  4. but there were also guys who lost all this money, no smile on their faces I guess

  5. Phil Helmuth will kick your ass

  6. everyone on this list atlease have 20 million, nothing less

  7. Why do the richest first?

  8. uhhhhh wheres Dan Bilzerian?

  9. Dale un like si te gusta este video


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