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The Science Behind Ice Skating | I Didn't Know That

The Science Behind Ice Skating | I Didn't Know That

Do you know why you can skate across ice? It’s not because ice is slippery. Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips demonstrate the science behind ice skating while trying to maintain their balance!
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Two industrial scientists, Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips, explain the science behind everyday life… from microwave ovens to beating a lie detector.

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The Science Behind Ice Skating | I Didn’t Know That

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  1. i am in pre juvenile and it is a hard level

  2. i am a competitive figure skater

  3. This is me when he falls

  4. anyone here a fan of yuri on ice

  5. play it from 1:31 and watch the richard guys face……

  6. Leidenfrost effect. That is all.

  7. I'm a hockey player. A good one too. "What makes the skates so slippery, even at a standstill?" It's because you have no balance. You just have to get used to it and balance. Plus there's no friction thingy either. It's bs. Watch the video about it on "smarter every day"

  8. Is there a cat or dog in the background

  9. 12:05am
    Mostafa Ibrahim
    how r u honey
    i just need ur help
    this my last year FOE mechanical department and my graduation project is about ice rinks i need to make a report about every thing in mechanical way so can u help me understand this technology as it's the first time to deal with this

  10. 1:48 "don't break it" i bet it broke as soon as they cut the camera hahaha

  11. "Ice skates work because ice is slippery"

    "I didn't know that"

  12. I would say the answer to this is

    "Ice skating is fun. Let's not question how it works."

  13. just in case you wanted to know, the proper term for the ice-block and wire demonstration is "regelation" 🙂

  14. oh i forgot to mention, theyre obviously more concerned with the molecular mechanisms at work rather than classical mechanics

  15. theres always friction. its coefficient is VERY low meaning you'd have much less friction and yes thats why its slippery

  16. Wow….nice theory 🙂

  17. can't really say it's that sticky…its just probably the heat from your finger melted the surface of the ice, also with combination of moisture from your skin, the ice melts and refreezes with sort of clings onto your finger for awhile

  18. mmm…ice is naturally sticky, not slippery
    Try it, take an ice cube that does not have any liquid on it and gently press it with your finger. When trying to lift up your finger again after a few seconds, see what happens.

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