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The Science Behind Marijuana

We take an in-depth look at the effects, culture, and science behind the popular drug, marijuana.

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The Science Behind Marijuana

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  1. Wonderful video Excellent explanations thank u so much for sharing 👌🏽🌟💐💐💐

  2. Won't remember tomorrow

  3. He didn't mention that hemp was used to make the first ford model t

  4. If nature becomes illegal then are we truly free?


  6. Good message i learn alot

  7. Cannabis is brilliant.🎸🎹🎺🎵🎶

  8. Two things I'm about, staying blunted and being blunted ..

  9. Marijuana is not addictive is the best thing for human body and brain and relaxation and I smoke it every day and I don’t give a shit what anybody says marijuana saved my life

  10. God damn governments on Earth .

  11. I bet those rats were high asf

  12. I bet those rats were high asf

  13. Why is this recommended for me ? I don't smoke weed😂😂

  14. There are number colors of marijuana in my place.

  15. it leads to bipolar disorders😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Back in the U.S., When I only took 1 big puff from marijuana, I stayed in bed for a week unable to move/speak, with extremelly high heart rate and dehydration..

  17. Ganga good for many things alcohol good for nothing yet legal not good

  18. Very good and informative video

  19. Ever tried thc crystals?

  20. Please don't smoke any type of weed.
    I smoke Garda for twenty two years . Now I am 45.
    Good effects
    1. Love for needy and poor people beacouse I am also poor. Hahahaha
    Side effects
    1.brain disorder
    2.loosing stamina
    3. Increase sexual hunger.
    4. Lose of attention
    5. 12 hours of sleep
    6. Fantasy all over

  21. Let's admit it who else has watched this while high😂😂🤣

  22. I bet the little girl was high af all the time

  23. this video itself its so dope. sick edit! makes me wanna smoke and watch it again

  24. They won't legalize it because of big Pharma. I know that sounds like some kind of conspiracy theory but it's true with the money that America would lose because they wouldn't need medicines as much or doctors as much that's why they won't legalize it everywhere

  25. anxiety,depression,schizophrenia,bipolar disorder-THC

  26. So this video shows a scientific way to even help seizures …..why is it illegal is there any reason as to why?

  27. Alcohol was outlawed because a bunch of half crazed women kept breaking stuff in bars and salons but everyone kept drinking it anyway. Death rates around the country sored and tax revenues dwindled. Repealed 1933
    Marijuana , (or what I like to call it) "The God plant" was outlawed because it was reported to members of Congress that Black men were raping White women. As long as Black women were only being raped by Black and White men, it was deemed okay and legal. Now what? States are doing it for themselves….

  28. It's the plant that God used to create the universe. It gets you a thinking about stuff that never was, then you say; What if ?

  29. don't compare dependencies to addictions. you can be a crack addict and suck dick for crack. not weed . you can be dependent on weed but I bet you wont suck dick for it. (unless you're a whore or something like that)

  30. Natural ital marijuana is good

  31. Excellent video 👍👍 I HATE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and there stupid laws.

  32. There will be much more science very soon

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