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Is this Trump’s BIGGEST secret? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

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“Deutsche Bank said in a court filing Tuesday that it has tax returns relevant to House Democrats’ subpoenas for financial records of President Trump, his family and his businesses, but the bank didn’t publicly identify whose returns it had.

The name or names of the individuals or entities whose tax returns Deutsche Bank has were redacted in the version of the document posted on the federal courts’ public legal database.

The bank also said in its letter to a federal appeals court in New York that it has tax returns “related to parties not named in the Subpoenas but who may constitute ‘immediate family’ within the definition provided in the Subpoenas.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  2. As you say, America has a right to know, obviously, if the unelected president is a crook. But we also have a right to know if the turd has grossly misrepresented himself to get votes.

    Recall that aside from the bigotry, the central theme of his campaign is the childishly idiotic argument that "I'm filthy rich, (therefore brainy) and have been on the buying side of the corrupt, democracy destroying system of influence peddling so that means only I can end corruption" (because apparently you can't end a criminal takeover of democracy, unless you are one of the criminals-maybe by the same token, he is qualified to go after war criminals, pedophiles and rapists).

    As absurd and stupid as that line of argument is, the fact is he used it to get votes, and the voters have a right to know if a candidate's campaign relied on telling a massive lie about his net worth to get votes.

    It isn't about playing dirty or simply striking every possible blow against Trump, or embarrassing him. It is about exposing lies used to win an election. If someone uses lies to subvert our elections, they don't deserve for us to agree never to expose the lies unless a court proves tax fraud.

  3. Antifa will burn facist america.

  4. The whole TRUMP FAMILY is as CROOKED as hell. Deutsche Bank is complicit with the TRUMP ORGANIZATION for money laundering, has been for many decades. Trump his minions all need to be removed from office and forced to forfeit all their assets as illgotten gains at the expense of the American Citizens. We the people should not be responsible for their extravagant life style. All expenses that Trump and his sperm droppings have accrued while in office should be reimbursed to the country.

  5. So Trump… and now the Dems are all playing run out the clock and SLOOOWWW WALKKKIIINNNGGG oversight.

  6. How long before Trump throws Deutsche Bank under a bus and says they're a "Very bad bank, I don't know why anyone would use them, Worst bank in history, SAD" because they finally were forced to admit they have tax filings for his family? XD

    Also, who cares about his potential entaglement with Russia? I'm WAAAAY more scared of his clear and obvious entanglement with Saudi-genocide-Arabia. Russia is concerning, sure, but Saudi Arabia are WAY more scary to be honest.

  7. What's the big deal about another man's tax return that's his business

  8. More MSM INSANITY!!!!!!! So glad I woke up to the Democrat Deepstate
    LIE! the Dems the Bush era repubs each the same the SWAMP!

  9. More MSM INSANITY!!!!!!! So glad I woke up to the Democrat Deepstate
    LIE! the Dems the Bush era repubs each the same the SWAMP!

  10. More MSM INSANITY!!!!!!! So glad I woke up to the Democrat Deepstate
    LIE! the Dems the Bush era repubs each the same the SWAMP!

  11. I love it! I used to think you guys were fake because you never hear about these topics. But I have watched long enough to know you are absolutely right about most things. I love that you give the DEms just as much shit. Gov is no longer working for the people. Get them out!

  12. Why is there a "The Epoch Times" advertisement in the middle of your broadcast??!
    Epoch Times is part of Epoch Media Group, which is now a spin off of ONN & staunch Trumpers. More online spreading of disinformation. Their ads are popping up all over your videos. They are Soo incredibly deceptive!!

  13. Marmalade Mussolini is the worst potus in American history

  14. A burger of nothing as usual.

  15. Returns are out lol. The left is ghosting the final findings lmao. WRONG AGAIN RETARDS!!!!!!

  16. Pelosi is a closet republican

  17. All American courts need to do is to tell Deutsche Bank is that if they do not comply, they will be barred from doing bank business in USA with immediate effect.
    Why is the American Justice System so utterly incompetent?

  18. Pistol appears behind Ana's head……… regressive brain matter covers camera lense

  19. I got half way through this video and was falling asleep 😴.

  20. I've unsubscribed. Moving on. I can't believe you guys are still on this topic

  21. SHELL COMPANY'S inside of shell companies…and taxes and money applied from various obviously…

  22. Well everyone, if he can hide his taxes so can you, he isn’t above the law!

  23. Thanks to Ana Kasparian having much composure on the presentation compared to her theatrical co-host where when he is not acting does very well.
    Beside this Trump will definitely mark history with his presidential term as the most controversial president the US ever had beside Nixon.

  24. Who cares now? We need to vote him out ! Bernie Sanders Tulsi
    2020, 2024 , 2028 AOC ……..!?

  25. When this whining cantilena is going to end??? Is it a con?, Is it a scoundrel? Is it an idiot? No, is a talking Latrine!!!

  26. I'm still amazed and disgusted that we can have an obvious psychotic, who is probably also a traitor and big-time criminal, and our Congress can't get something as basic to showing potential illegality and conflict of interest as tax returns. Incredible.

  27. Can you imagine Trump fighting off liberals from obtaining his tax returns just to trigger them. And once they have them he's like "Gotcha!" When there's nothing illegal found. I'll be rolling.

  28. Trump and the GOP are Bigly Corrupt 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  29. The secret TYT wants to hide,,,
    Armenian genocide.

  30. I would love to no everything don’t no what you talking about

  31. Trump is one of the Kings of Debt. And the Government don't Tax Debt . If you provide employment, housing, food or whatever the government can't do to a lot of people you pay less Tax sometimes none Legal of course. In 71 that's the rise of Fake Money because they can print it anytime many times faster than we can those are just currencies. To me Gold Silver Oil Lands Real Estate Food Water and Debt are the real Money and Passive Cash Flow. INFINITE RETURN.

  32. You're beautiful when you're angry.

    (Not being sarcastic.)

  33. sorry but your dress looks cheap not very nice for a host but rather from western movies salon girls.

  34. Nancy and Mitch are working together to screw the middle class of the United States of America. Vote out Nancy Pelosi with her fake brown hair and fake breast.
    Vote out Mitch McConnell with his fake Christian 🐂💩
    Then and only then will America be the beautiful country it once was.

  35. went to the page to sign the petition… this link to sign was not working…

  36. Annas porn hub vids are no secret anymore.

  37. Berman dip stick Oboma turn his tax in when he ran for president crawl back in your hole in trumps rock garden !

  38. GOP gun control = murder everyother day with GOP leaders like comrade trump an Moscow mitch NRA trash !

  39. Does anyone pressed on Obama and on all the former presidents and all the rich for their TAX informations? I am just asking?

  40. Democrats or Pelosi? Geez you blame democrats for you stepping on a banana peel.

  41. Get that mfr Richard Neil out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Cenyk ur awesome 😎😎😇😇👍🏼👍🏼💜💜

  43. Do people actually take these fools seriously?

  44. Nice! Cenk's on fire! Kick their corrupt asses brother!

  45. How weak. Blame the Democrats for the evil doings of the GOP. Clearly this channel has completely lost perspective.

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