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The Story Behind This Year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree | NBC Nightly News

Ahead of tonight’s Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony, Gadi Schwartz has an inside look at how this year’s tree went from seedling to spectacle.
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The Story Behind This Year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Tomorrow I'll be going to see the Rockefeller center Christmas tree in person since I heard so much about this tree. Ho ho ho 🎅 🤶

  2. I'm crying, you killed a tree!

  3. The event was also scouted by the Pensacola terrorists, or so the story goes…

  4. this always hurts me, I have ( I'm old) a row of cedar trees planted 7 years apart, all still alive , each were my outside Christmas tree for 3 or 4 years. Fake tree indoors.

  5. A gorgeous 70 year old tree she herself planted for one month's display and then to the dumpster, I would never let my tree be cut down! Fewer people are going to enjoy it for one month than the 7 decades it was alive.

  6. Ridiculous, killing a beautiful 70 year old tree to pander to the two second attention spans of shallow, materialistic Americans.

  7. Boomers have outgrown a lot of things and being one myself I think that I can comment on this,, We have outgrown a lot of other things like caring whether our president is in fact a racist boob,A lot of us fully embraced the "what's in it for me" philosophy and left the idea of "do the right thing" behind. We are as out of touch as are our political leaders are. Tmse have changed and we ought to take a page from Bob Dylan in that "if you can't lend a hand then get out of the way".


  9. Nobody:

    White Lady:

    "After I murder you, your corpse will be on display…..it will be BEAUTIFUL!"

  10. It was planted, it grew and then was chopped down to be a temporary holiday decoration, to only then be turned into paper, incinerated or simply tossed into a landfill.

  11. Tree: "I finally made it ma. We don't have to struggle no more!"


  12. Why do they cut down a tree for this this isn't 1910 anymore. Use an artificial tree. In New York they cut down trees and then they cry about climate change. Who thought it was a good idea to cut down a 63 year old tree. It just makes me mad, the tree was a living creature and now it's dead for a holiday about giving.

  13. Rockefellers, more embassador's of evil. Praise GOD not money.

  14. Oh what would New York be without vanity.

  15. Someone should sneak up and put MAGA lights on it for when they light it up lol

  16. Ooooh…nbc, you said Christmas!!! You forgot your agenda for a minute. I'm sure you'll get that fixed before the "holidays". Your loyal viewers will not be happy about this little slip up.

  17. Why do the Rockefellers need positive publicity? Who are they? Lol, you're in a forest, but all you see are trees

  18. Cut a giant tree for later to be thrown away not my thing keep ur x mas

  19. It's been growing since Democrats fought to keep slavery!

  20. Just destroyed a beautiful tree then later on they will throw it away or burn it after Christmas… This is depressing.

  21. I think i am in the naughty list though…

  22. They have 1.41 million subs but this video only has 400 views lol

  23. Losing your giant tree- sad. Having it be the Rockefeller Christmas tree- ecstatic!

  24. That 🌳 is breathtaking !

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