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The story of how Glenn McGrath started a new cricket tradition

A few Aussie champions come together to hear the story of how Australian legend Glenn McGrath introduced a new tradition for bowlers.

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  1. He is the only bowler who never ever got stubborn while taking wickets even it was 10 in a test match. by the way Damien Fleming looks very old, sorry to say.

  2. God, what happened to Gillespie’s hair?

  3. I bet I have seen people in 1980s do this, typical Australians lying out of their arse

  4. what's Mark Ruffalo doing there?

  5. Remembering my old days 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  6. Gillespie looks like uncle bob

  7. Omg mcgrath is a true genius quiet lucky to see him play a work of genius

  8. THE greatest fast bowler since Malcolm Marshall & unarguably Australia's greatest match-winner(alongside Shane Warne).

  9. Absolute Gold!!!
    Want more of these anecdotes.

  10. Gillispie oh my god! How old he look now

  11. Brad Hodge looks like mark ruffalo

  12. How much of a fun life they are having after retirement. I wish I could have that too once I retire.

  13. Did Jason Gillespie colored his hairs?

  14. Glad it did happen.Bowlers deserve the same respect as the batsman.

  15. I will always remember him for sledging.

  16. So true…great words from real gems of cricket…


  18. I cared when dizzy raised his bat for 200 that was awesome glenns 50 was pretty good too. I love these vids cricket australia whoever does these needs a nice christmas bonus in thier pay packet.

  19. Captain America is also there 😂😂

  20. Glenn McGrath is the master of line and length.

  21. Damien Fleming, Jason Gillespie and brad Hodge are younger than McGrath but they look older than McGrath.😕😕😕

  22. Brad Hodge, Jason Gillespie, Michael Hussey and Damian Fleming look very old even though they and McGrath were team mates.

  23. An bhfuil Béarla á labhairt acu?

  24. Most intelligent bowler
    Who cares for his reputation as a bowler.

  25. If Gillespie was behind the wickets

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