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The Team Leader Steps Down | Explorer

The Team Leader Steps Down | Explorer

As a team of elite climbers struggle to climb Hkakabo Razi, Mark Jenkins asks team leader Hilaree O’Neill to stay behind and let the three strongest members of the team attempt a dash to the summit.
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Explorer, the longest-running documentary series in cable television history, honored with nearly 60 Emmys and hundreds of other awards, continues as a series of major specials on the National Geographic Channel. In the course of more than two thousand films, Explorer has taken viewers to more than 120 countries, opening a window on hidden parts of the world, unlocking mysteries both ancient and modern, and investigating stories of science, nature, and culture.

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The Team Leader Steps Down | Explorer

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  1. They should have figured out at the beginning who would go to the top. Still, Hilaree is the Team Leader. It should have been her AND Mark, OR her and Corey and Renan to go to the top. Mark Jenkins, as the Co-Team Leader and as a gentleman should have stayed behind if he had any honour. Hilaree Nelson is definitely a force to be reconned with and 100% worth to be trusted on the ropes.

    All in all, considering that this was a NG Expedition and a The North Face Operation, I'm still shocked how inefficient, and petty minded the entire trip was.

  2. The mountain was climbed first by late Mr. Takashi Ozaki, a Japanese strong climber who fist climbed the north face of Mt Everest and other 8000 meter mountain in addition to most difficult routes of Alps. He died on normal route of Mt. Everest several years ago due to high altitude sickness.

  3. ~Hillary Steps Down……Ironic!

  4. In the end, none of them made it to the summit. Weather conditions were too severe and they didn't have enough food to wait it out.

  5. Women think emotionally and men think logically. Men are by nature stronger than women. Women "proving" themselves and who are strong "enough" gets people killed.

  6. +Lucas Kane, I guess you told me! I'll check my "great" ignorance!

  7. Great doc(watch the full doc), awesome climb(daunting), great on the ground adventure through Asia(minus the hunger and pain).

  8. Gosh talk about an American accent

  9. She has too much pride. She wasn't a right fit for a leader, and for goodness sake, don't cry!

  10. She got butt hurt by the guys. I meant that as figure of speech, not literally.

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