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The TRUE cost of living in NEW YORK CITY

A look at the cost of living in New York City one of the most expensive places to live on Earth and how you can live and travel here on a cheap budget!

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  1. Something a bit different for this weeks video, comment your thoughts on living in New York! Also let me know if you want to see more NYC informational content!

  2. Erik Conover
    Its so simple bro, the more the capitalist is your country the more expensive it is to live in it.
    The first thing you learn in History class in the middle school.

  3. Move to Watertown NY. Our mortgage with taxes is half what you pay for rent. We rent out a two-bedroom apt for $800 (w/electric). Takes it down to about $500 a month. Groceries for two is &400 a month.
    Kathy B.

  4. For those prices I would’ve even stay in New York over night

  5. 2:28.. that is not called lunch. not even salad. it's lettuce lol

  6. Stop living in manhattan problem solved… there are 5 boroughs in the city.

  7. Finally I've been looking for a video like This =D

  8. "because I live in new york, I dont cook" ……………..

  9. Great content, very entertaining and instructive.

  10. that rent for 300 sq feet is disgusting, id much prefer a full house with a attached double garage and still have left over money here

  11. Just happy to live in Chicago where I spend half this a month, and still have a gym membership.

  12. H O U S T O N a city founded by two New Yorkers , in addition to downtown has 10 more skylines spread accross the city due to the lack of zoning restrictions giving the illusion of a small New York skyline for thousands of dollars less so where common ppl live in dt Houston would be where wealthy ppl of NYC live because Houston is so big in fact bigger than most New England states so land isnt scarce no wonder we have new arrivals from NY LA and Chicago moving here in droves $50k here gets u what $150k in NYC will.

  13. I live in Warsaw, close to downtown, the metro station practically on my doorstep, 350 square feet but it's enough for me and my girlfriend. The tocal cost with bills is 627 USD, the food is cheap and gym membership is 39 bucks per month for a decent gym (still more on the expensive side). So the price of living in NY is crazy!

  14. My new favorite channel on youtube!

  15. The same life I lived for 1st month in Singapore and I got lessons the hard way and next months I adopted cutdown and alternates and saw that I could save much and get the same benefits…

  16. Rent 1450 1 Br Apt
    Grocery 400
    Light & Gas & Internet 150
    Misc. 500
    Minimum $2500 to live in Nyc .

  17. I live in Islamabad and cost of living is Half of what you suggested in the second part but the living style is like the first half. Been to NY and i love both NY and Islamabad too.

  18. i am living in Zürich, and crazy expensive. way more. 2600 something USD is cheap compare the prices here

  19. I live in NYC. I live with my mother and brother and I'm STILL spending roughly 1500 a month or MORE to live a relatively decent life. Nothing extravagant, but renting hotels time to time plus cabs and food in NYC add up big time. At age 50 I'm offing myself lol

  20. This is why I want to live in philly

  21. This is why I want to live in philly

  22. dude eletric bill is lower than mine, fml

  23. I own a house that I bought for 40 grand in Wichita, Kansas. I'm 23 and own a house, A car and have money in the bank yet all I do for work is drive a forklift around.

  24. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle, but more towards the bottom end. E.g. I took the subway, and ate out for lunch most days, and occasionally for dinner. I did lots of cheap or free things, like walk in the parks, browse bookstores, and see museums. There are lots of amazing restaurants which don't cost a lot, especially for lunch (e.g. Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, pizza, Ethiopian,etc.)

  25. even with all the budget choice, it cost almost 2500$/month. Its fuckin expensive !!!

  26. Cost of living in Alor Setar, Malaysia

    Rent: MYR250-1000 for a 2 floor semi-detached
    Food: MYR400-600 if you cook its most probably gonna be way cheaper
    Bills(including internet): MYR300-400
    Clothing: MYR100-150 (local brands or chinese brands are cheap but their almost like a 1-2 time wear)
    Entertainment: RM250-300 this were your tax money hits
    Car: MYR500 for a malaysian produced car

    MYR2950 this is the high cost
    MYR1800 this is the somewhat average
    Which is like $720 USD for high cost and $435 for average

  27. Lol you almost gave me a heart attack with that first amount of money xD
    Glad to see the last one.

  28. 2000 usd a month where I live, Male', capital of Maldives. Of course it's a big 2 bedroom apartment.

  29. Guys…
    You can live in a mansion and live like a king/queen in Iran/Tehran with only 1000 bucks. Go one time. You're gonna love it. Specially if ur a foreigner. people love foreigners down here. So visit for once, then think about moving or not moving in this city.

  30. I was like wtf at first, brilliant video!

  31. Rent $122,08, Internet $12,18, Power $16,64, Transport $53,25, Food $49,92, University $177,51 | All Per month | = $431,58pm = $5178,96 per annum. Which is close to R80,000 per year here in Bloemfontein, South Africa. I share a flat (rent + electricity) with two other friends and we would sometimes share meals and transport costs. Just the idea of living on over $2000 a month is mind blowingly expensive for me 😂. But I can understand in NYC, the hard work and way of living pays off if you’re doing it right. Still want to see it though. Would be a dream come true to work in a theatre, be a photographer or designer. 👌🏻👌🏻😌😌😌 Im 23 and basically still live on what my parents can afford. My University theatre degree is too intense and time consuming to get a job, and nevermind that, it is going to be very difficult to find a job here that would cover everything I need to pay for.

  32. And what about how much money can you make per month apart from your own business??
    I know salary can vary but can I get any idea?

  33. I live around Syracuse, New York. Cost of living is expensive up here but down there in New York City, I'm not sure if I could do it.

  34. How much is it to live in a NYC apartmentf building on average ?

  35. I barely live with 650-800 dollars per month. Even the second one was hella expensive.

  36. Have to be frugal wherever you live is the best!

  37. I assume the cellphone contract includes the price of the phone? Otherwise it's 4 or 5 times the price of a contract in the UK that includes free calls and lots of data allowance. Also how do your meals cost so much if you are making them yourself. A pound of coffee in the UK is about $7 and this would make approximately 30 cups of coffee – so about 24 cents per cup.

  38. To make life a little easier just use the sub, grocery shopping believe it or not I actually drive bout an hr into New Jersey to buy bulks!! Of food the rent for that place can’t really argue it but try to find something in the 1,000 range or less

  39. I’m guessing this is in SoHo? Or is it somewhere else in NYC

  40. Just had a week in New York, WOW, NYC is off the scale, never again will I say my home town in UK is expensive. My mortgage on a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house is £900 per month, a beer £3-4 and a meal out for 2 is around £60.
    New York is cool by the way 🤘

  41. Good info! Love the comparison! Thank you so much!

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