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The Voice Preview: Adam Makes Fun Of Blake’s Music

The Voice Promo: Adam Levine makes fun of Blake Shelton’s music taste in this season 9 preview.

Starring Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams

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  1. I want Christina Aguilera back!

  2. If i was on the voice, i would have picked Adam.

  3. “There’s also a crap load of music from ghostbusters 2.”

  4. What's the name and season the guy from 0:22 is from?

  5. 2 favorite moments from this set of clips.

    1. When Adam went into the audience and started screaming "GWEN!"

    2. When Blake asked those audience people who That guy should pick as a coach. They held up pictures of Blake on a stick. He's like "I didn't know you had those"

  6. Me and my dad ( I am 12) always bet on who's going to win and I always pick team Blake because he is the country artist and that is all I listen to.

  7. that is funny because how he says it.I wish I could be there at the voice at the time he said it.


  9. Subject acceptance except since guide spend moderate flow.

  10. Blake is actually really handsome. I love his smile. Part of the dimple crew!! Heeeyyyy.

  11. adam and blake are the best


  13. I hate Gwen. I think Christina was way better.

  14. this nigga levine is gonna get raped by the time he insults country music

  15. this video actually felt like i was watching it for 10 minutes then i realized it was only 2..love this show..i recently restarted my YouTube channel and i would love it if you along with everyone else could check it out and leave your honest feedback.  I do hair, makeup, fashion, how to's etc.. Thanks in advance:)

  16. I see Elona Santiago from the X Factor USA !! 1:24 😍

  17. this is not something I want to watch

  18. I'm from England Leicester… I can't watch this. We do have a English version… But this one look real good to.

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