The Whole Shabang: Chips So Good You’ll Have To Go To Jail To Get Them | NBC News

Prison food doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being fine fare. Or so we thought.
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The Whole Shabang: Chips So Good You’ll Have To Go To Jail To Get Them | NBC News


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  1. The whole Shabbang chip corporation could make a killing if they released these chips to the public.
    So why don’t they

  2. They’re tremendously good !!!!

  3. So literally just all dressed chhips

  4. Imagine getting stabbed in prison and then asking your attacker why they stabbed you and all they said was “your bounty was 2 whole Shabang bags”

  5. They sell those at a store right by my house

  6. Iv'e never seen somebody so excited over chips

  7. He ate Chichi's every night lol

  8. I tried them, and they basically taste execally like the Zapps vodo chips.

  9. Police:Sir why did you rob the bank

    Robber: Man I’m just tryna get me some shabangs you feel me?

  10. No ones gonna point out how tall this guy is…

  11. Zapps Voodoo chips have replaced these for me

  12. I guess Canada is just one big prison because up here we can buy them whenever we want lol. It’s not the same brand but it’s the same flavour. We call them All Dressed chips.

  13. Anything that’s associated with jail is not for me.

  14. the intro made me feel incredibly uncomfortable

  15. I got the recipe written down. Now,I go to jail.

  16. Buyer: You got them goodies?
    Man: You know it my man.
    *shows shabang chips
    Buyer: It shall be a deal then.

  17. I just ordered 12 bags on there online site last night😁😁 Can't wait to try em!!

  18. This inspired me to shoot up after watching joker and this video

  19. The Detective: asking why I Leaked Obama’s last name.
    Me: Shabang Chips

  20. I noticed, near the end, that they barely even ate any of their dinners.

  21. Umm the part that I think is weird is the cheese Doddle part😂

  22. 0:01 could you stop chewing so annoyingly please?

  23. Breaking News: Over 5000 People Arrested For Chips

  24. Cheche means boobs in Spanish

  25. i tore through 6 bags in 2 days.

    i have no regrets

  26. I don't think these people have ever tried all dressed ruffles

  27. Its literally just all dressed chips

  28. The shyt made w the noodles n chips n all that looks disgusting afff these hicks tripppin

  29. Im gonna commit triple homicide to get these

  30. Uhhhhhh chichis? If y’all are Mexicans you’ll understand tetas

  31. Next time : the best toilet paper in the world. Feels so good on your bum,you'll want to commit manslaughter for it.

  32. crime rate increases to 99%

  33. Who else got trigger when he bit half of the chip

  34. No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    ABC News: news is a bout chips now…

  35. Plot twist – This channel is sponsored by the whole shabang and they dont taste good, its just a placebo effect

  36. He had all those ingredients in prison!?

  37. The spread I made in jail was so good too that I also made it when I was out and had it every night for a week.

  38. That soup looks like it would have me shittin alot

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