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The Worst Part Of 2018

The Worst Part Of 2018

What was the worst part of 2018? John Iadarola and Brooke Thomas discuss the worst parts of 2018 on The Damage Report. Watch The Damage Report on YouTubeTV NOW: https://tv.youtube.com/browse/UC_9UuwEH_oUI-Hca-PWjN2g

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  1. Jon how dare you say 'Shit Panther' did better than Infinity War! 2.048 Billion (IW) vs 1.345 Billion(PB) (which is 1.3B more than it should of made). Worst movie of the year.. compares to best movie sense The Dark Knight.

  2. John, nation wide and only in America are the same thing.

  3. WTH is wrong with tyt? So much more news to report and you pick this subject? Pfft

  4. Are they so blind about what is happening in France with the yellow jacket movement? They can't keep on moaning and groaning on Clinton's defeat. Don't be so biased! Grow up dudes!

  5. The worst part is those damn natives on the island didn't have time to collect their small pox blankets before the white man left. Gonna have to use napalm i guess….

  6. A lot of drunk Trumptards in the comments, showing Dutch courage…..sad.

  7. There aren't two sides to a fact. There are two sides who come to opposing conclusions about the fact. All conclusions should be explored, and we can all decide together what is right/accurate.

  8. THE WORST PART OF 2018?
    The Young Turks still exist.

  9. There's no clips of Trump triggering leftists in this video, not worth watching at all.

  10. Brittany is so correct! Climate Change is correct!

  11. The truest thing you said is your stupid.People like Dana Wigington [go to geoengineeringwatch.org] are doing wonderful work trying to wake people up on the cause of climate change, which is global engineering. Man is trying to change the climate by the process of chemical injection via chemtrail and laser tecknowledge. T.Y.T. never mentions this although I have sent them many e mails about his site. Its all a lie and propaganda they will berry this comment; because they are in with the elitists.

  12. The BEST part of 2018 was watching liberals completely lose their minds…

  13. is john pumping up for a gun show? that jacket is a little tight. tyt/brooke

  14. Hay man, I don't just think black people are stupid for being Republicans, I think all Trump supporters are stupid.

  15. "The Young Turds" aka "Thank You Trump" for making our headlines easier.

    What TYT is all about:
    * 90% fallacies to burst hate on Trump.
    * 4% fallacies to burst hate on capitalists democraps.
    * 3% blatant lies to exalt NPCxandria Occassional Cortex.
    * 2% blatant lies to suck Bernie Sanders dick.
    * 1% hot air.

  16. I ca see from the level of your content and tyt fans you have a 13 year old mentality witch the audience of this channel are mentally litle 13 year old 80 IQ group pro establishment pro main stream media by pushing like centerist but they just suck at having experts fact logic and common sense . the hosts on this show represent young minds not grown man . bad news network is runned by veterans thats where you ear the real views on real issues TYT is anti america since its protecting those that want to destroy it . Making it's audience america and trump haters by deseign

  17. Why do people “trolls”watch this channel if they think it’s fake.i know fooxx is fake so I don’t watch it. Go away if you think it’s fake

  18. Well john, you won't find many listing climate change, it's too much to comprehend.

  19. The Earth has been trying to rid itself of the trash, burning everywhere in California. Trying to wipe away the blue hellhole.

  20. And The Best Part Of 2018, in spite of the 24-7 leftist attacks, is that Trump is still President. Put that in your pipe and puff on it TYT.

  21. 5:17 False, it was the other way around. Black Panther is the highest grossing film of the year in the US and Canada (domestic market), ahead of Avengers: Infinity War, while it is the other way around worldwide. That's the second or third time I've heard somebody on TYT made this false statement. Can nobody there check out Box Office Mojo at least once before talking about the film?


  23. Your stupid co worker trying to get followers by talking shit about Jordan Peterson is a gross move.

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