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The Xiaomi CC 9 Pro has a 108-megapixel camera

The Xiaomi CC 9 Pro has a 108-megapixel camera

I bet when you woke up this morning, you weren’t thinking that there would be a 108 megapixel camera phone, and yet this is the world we live in today. Xiaomi has officially unveiled the CC 9 Pro, and it features a sensor with the highest resolution you’ll find on a phone, period.

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  1. Samsung colaborate to Xiaomi to make this phone which is nice business for Samsung, although I read an article right now on Forbes Philippines that this 108MP phone is nothing compared to iPhone 11's 12MP Camera esp. in low light.

    Note: just the iPhone 11 comparison and not the PRO or PRO MAX

  2. Watching this on my p30 pro

  3. Apple: Ok will follow that trend after 5 years.

  4. Finally someone who says xiao mi correctly

  5. HOW bizzare! 108 MP with 5x optical zoom is GREAT IDEA, not 5MP with 5x op. zoom !

  6. Thank you very much dear Sis. Kindly check this Mi Note 10 is suitable with the Gimbal Zhiyun Smooth Q2 and Filmic Pro Video too. The Cameras are working with Full Manual Control (Pro) or priority mode? (Video & Photo)? How's working with low light videos? Kindly explain.

  7. I watch engaget just to watch this cute girl…

  8. Good explanation, but if you need to see camera samples visit mrwhosetheboss… the camera samples are amazing… samsung better use this isocell in their s11…

  9. LOL! It's like having a 1000HP car with a 1 ltr fuel tank.. Like when you get it..

  10. I don’t trust anything “developed” by China. Also, it should be boycotted in support for Hong Kong.

  11. Lumia 1020 anyone.🙋‍♂️

  12. Will this phone work with AT&T in the US?

  13. Sensor was made by Samsung but their own mobile doesn't have this, why?

    Because Samsung knows 'size of the pixel is more important than the number of pixel'

  14. This season is season of camera in smarthphone world

  15. I am eagerly waiting for this

  16. cc9 pro is avilablein Malaysia ?

  17. $400! That’s the real innovation

  18. 2:05 you cant say "Speediest" you can say fastest

  19. Is This Phone Launch In India Also..???

  20. 108mp with a shitty pin needle plastic lens is the stupidest thing China could come up with… useless RAW photos…

  21. It’s from Samsung though

  22. 108million shitty pixels on a sensor smaller than a grain of rice = crap quality ..lol

  23. After Adobe CC we have Xiaomi CC

  24. Would you rather have 108 ugly or 12 supermodel girlfriends? 🤔

  25. Sounds like my kind of smartphone.

  26. Only usefull when you wish to print a photo the size of a football pitch. Nonsense so. Marketing bullshit.

  27. So in short terms this is a huge image in low quality pixels and horrible compression. Why you need 108 MPX like that? When people will understand it's not about the MPX sensor but the PIXEL quality? Come on, even a 10mpx normal camera can make better photos than this BS 108 MPX thingy.

  28. even with 200mp never will beat note 10 and pixel . show off

  29. Don't believe made in China.China stealing others technology and making fake products.

  30. and a courage/headphone jack!

  31. No chinazi product for me , period

  32. Pity it is likely loaded with spyware. At least it will push other phone manufacturers to give us even better camera option in the next few generations.

  33. LOL android fans are being fooled by android phone producers. Those big megapixels doesn’t mean anything, yet people seem to get impressed by those who don’t understand how megapixels work.

  34. Waking up and see a new 108 mp phone? Duh.. I couldn’t even sleep to find more videos about that 108mp phone

  35. This is how China ruins everyone 's business. They don't mind not having profits today. They are out to destroy other businesses first.

  36. For what on earth do you need a stupid 2MP Macro camera when you have a 108MP Sensor. This makes no sense. At all.
    Besides the fact that this 108MP Sensor is useless itself.

  37. Can´t you learn already, how to pronounce Xiaomi ?

  38. Xiaomi is an amazing company. They will be a global top 3 company within 3-5 years.

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