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They were accused of sexually abusing children, now they're the priest next door | USA TODAY

During its nine-month investigation, the USA TODAY Network tracked down last known addresses for nearly 700 former priests who have been publicly accused of sexual abuse. Then, 38 reporters knocked on more than 100 doors across the country, from Portland, Oregon, to Long Island, New York, with stops in Philadelphia, Chicago, Indianapolis, Miami and more. They talked with accused priests, as well as neighbors, school officials, employers, church leaders and victims. They reviewed court records, social media accounts and church documents in piecing together a nationwide accounting of what happened after priests were accused of abuse, left their positions in the church and were essentially allowed to go free. 

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  1. Greek Orthodox priests also protect rapists, even when they aren't priests. I am working to expose their hypocrisy and send my rapist to prison. Child rape trauma doesn't end, we pay for our entire lives. All statutes of limitations should be lifted. We don't generally come forward and tell for decades, if ever. The nature of this crime demands no time limit for filing charges, both criminal and civil.

  2. It’s sickening that these men are allowed to move on with their lives while the victims have to live with the abuse for the rest of theirs. Statute of limitations is bull crap if you ask me. If a crime was committed it shouldn’t matter how long ago. These priests take advantage of young children because they know most of the time they won’t tell anyone until it’s too late to do anything about it. I hope all these pedos burn in hell for eternity for their crimes.

  3. LOL, why wait go hunt them down and make your own court, there is no limitation for justice and vengeance! Who is the criminal who thought of that, lol. And you sheep just accept that! Pff, you deserve everything that they are doing to you cowards!

  4. This is why I am not Catholic anymore. I was not abused but I would survive rates in my life not related to the church. I know what it's like. There is no cure for pedophilia they just continue to abuse. The Catholic Church should sell off all of its paintings and build homeless shelters or recovery centers from sexual abuse. They can afford to do this. What is more they sold a lot of babies in Ireland and other countries and Order to feed their coffers. And priest also impregnated women and the women were punished for it not the men. It is strictly an abuse of power

  5. Through forgiveness and healing, I was able to go back to the Church after abuse as a child. I now know it wasn't Christ or the real church abusing me, but evil that infiltrated the Church. It's not the Church, but evil. The real Church teaches me how to be a source of love and healing. The evil made me a gay suicidal alcoholic. The Real Church brings me back to God. If you feel like you need help, healing, forgiveness, let me know, this is what I do for a living now. I offer my time for free for those who need it.

  6. I would hurt someone who ever molested or raped my child…justifiable homicide

  7. This is sickening! They need to be brought to justice and those that covet it up accessory after the and co-conspirators. I despise this crap

  8. Tax exempt Religious Freakdumb! Who would have guessed?

    the TRUTH will FREE the World
    LOCK up these PEDO pieces of SHITE!
    No one is above the law, even these pretend wanna bee Holy MEN……

    semper fidelis
    daniel john de Luca

  10. Christianity has exported pedophilia for centuries

  11. God will punish those people sick how religion is so corrupt…

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