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This Is the Biggest Dinosaur Ever Found | National Geographic

This Is the Biggest Dinosaur Ever Found | National Geographic

Meet Patagotitan mayorum, the biggest dinosaur ever discovered.
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This is the biggest dinosaur ever discovered, which also means it’s the biggest land animal that’s ever lived. Its name: Patagotitan mayorum. Patagotitan may have been as large as any land animal could possibly get, weighing as much as 12 elephants. It belongs to a group of dinosaurs known as Titanosaurs, which include other enormous long-necked species. Scientists are studying its very complete skeleton found in Argentina’s Patagonia region. The quality of the remains allows for detailed study of how such a huge body works.

Read more in “New Dinosaur Species Was Largest Animal Ever to Walk the Earth.”

This is the Biggest Dinosaur Ever Found | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. So, the bluewhale isn’t the biggest?

  2. That’s one BIG DINOSAUR!

  3. I can't believe they could have been as long as a football field.

  4. Imagine how big the normal trees where back then in order to have such a huge neck…

  5. is'nt Argentino Still the Largest?

  6. Until scientists can conclusively answer how fast the Earth is growing in Mass, it will be then they will realize that what we call the force of gravity will have been far less and that is the reason the largest dinosaur could hold it's head up. With gravity at its present state there is no way the dinosaurs could have held their head up. The Earth is growing!

  7. I think Pantagotitan is the third largest dinosaur after Bruhathkayosaurus and Amphicoelias, and Argentinosaurus is in fourth.

  8. Sizes:

    1) spinosaurs
    2) giganotosaurus
    3) Carcharodontosaurus

  9. Best comments of all times… Too funny… 😀

  10. Why do they keep saying "this is the biggest dinosaur that ever lived"? In my lifetime that sentence has been used to describe at least six different dinosaurs, which made the claims self-evidently erroneous. All of them have indeed been the biggest dinosaur ever to have been known – until a bigger one was found – but at least that description was always true!

  11. Okay Im digging in my backyard and I swear I will find something you guys didnt bwahhahhahah

  12. Are these dinosaurs fossils real?????

  13. I bet barosaurus is the biggest dinosaur.

  14. These things never stopt growing- not so hard to understand. But how did their bodies source enough minerals for their bones to keep pace with their muscle mass.

  15. On TV they even said this was a skeleton from a not fully grown Patagotitan.

  16. I love Dinosaur🙎🙎😄😄😄😄

  17. That Dino is not big enough to surpass yo mama.

  18. Now for people thing amphico whatever was the biggest ur stupid

  19. go to google maps and look at the south side of camelback mountain in Arizona. you will see a massive arm and claws bigger than houses. the entire mountain is a gargantuan dinosaur.. true that.

  20. Just when we thought we found the largest dinosaur to have ever walked the earth…

    we keep finding an even bigger one.

  21. I was scared to death they were going to say how tall it was. Thank God they didn’t!

  22. Patagotitan was longer than Argentinosaurus, and weighed nearly as much.

  23. I think the largest of all is amphicoelias

  24. Oooooooo…… was that titanosaurus

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