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This may be the best marriage proposal we've ever seen. 💍 | Humankind

‘Sleeping Beauty’ marriage proposal is real-life fairytale
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  1. Imagine if she said no lol

  2. I swear To god If she had Said no I would've found her and slapped her

  3. Why he got to include the part bout the ventricles and the valves tho..lmao

  4. " so how did your husband propose?"
    " look up the best proposal ever on YouTube"…

  5. Wow.. Wonderful amazing beautiful surprise 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😘😘

  6. She is kinda very ugly… Or at least really not my style, also i don't know why YouTube recommended me this video…

  7. Awesome!! So romantic!!✌❤🥰

  8. congratulations and God bless.

  9. This beats any other marriage proposal I’ve ever seen in my 51 years of existence.

  10. He is an idiiot.. he just lost

    His friends
    His freedom
    His hobbies
    His money
    His sanity
    His dignity
    His house
    His kids
    His social status
    The best strange

    What a idiot.. marriage IS HORRIBLE for men.. but you dummies beg to be in chains..

    Its not that every woman WILL ruin your life.. its the HARD FACT that every woman CAN ruin your life .

    See him at the 8 year itch.. he should of asked prince harry how wife power plays work.. it starts after the 1st kid.. when she knows you are on the hook..

    The men of denmark just got taken to the cleaners all last month so the ladies can get their 12 years of alimony.. on jan 1st it changed to 5 years.. they divorced men so much last month it set a national record..


  11. Yayyy…. Some happy crying finally! Congratulations 💖💖💖💖

  12. (2:42) i spy with my little eye a VSCO girl

  13. I screamed yes for that girl before she had a chance. This was awesome!!

  14. How did he get Disney to help him!?

  15. Men, the bar has just been raised..

  16. Not sure why but this made a grown man cry…well done. God bless you two.

  17. I was thinking to myself "was sleeping beauty always dark? Sheesh totally gorgeous! I'll have to watch it again. I surely don't remember that movie." 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤣🤣🤣 Well this was so sweet! He is a true king!

  18. Imagine he miss the catch of the ring

  19. Great now the bar is even higher

  20. Ôi thật tuyệt vời ❤️

  21. Cardiologist almost had cardiac arrest because of happiness.

  22. FINALLY,!
    Thank god!
    So we’re not going to see another proposal up here next week telling us IT’S the best proposal ever, right?

  23. Congratulations to you both, brought a happy tear to my eyes. Have the best happily ever after… kind regards Ally X

  24. Meanwhile in India:Unhappy arranged marriages are happening every day.

  25. Really beautiful way to do it, im going to copy it some day lol.

  26. Good show ol' chap! 👏

  27. I wonder how he did this?

  28. Congratulations keep each other till the end be strong also back messages help a lot when we need them

  29. They'll get a divorce in seven years anyway. All of this buzz for nothing

  30. that's something which I've seen only in those chick flicks lol now I know that it happens in real life as well

  31. This is the best proposal ever On god G

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