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THIS WAS A GREAT IDEA | November 5th, 2016
Explore With Me – http://bit.ly/1uNAdLQ
Yesterdays Video – https://youtu.be/ykThZE1bhFA
Tomorrows Video –

Monday November 7th @2PM
Rose Cafe in Venice!

Erik Conover Video Blog 484: Early morning at Jeff’s office, some errands around SoCal, workouts and fun times!


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  1. Jeff´s face is so expresive LOL. That moment when you talk about the meet up HAHAHAHA

  2. Love your vlogs and it doesn't hurt that your handsome as well 🙂

  3. Why are the twins so haaaawwwwt omg. MOOORRREEEEEE

  4. I love your videos! Also the music you use is amazing so thank you:)

  5. i feel like i saw you? did you stop at a 76 gas station lmaooo

  6. Omg Erik! i love your new buddies! They seem fun & adventurous. I stay in Orange County too 😊 I gotta make that trip to newport now Lol. You need to do a Q&A with them that would be really awesome!
    XOXO Erika

  7. I'm at Rose Cafe and it's closed on Mondays? :/

  8. damn i so would've gone to the meetup but i have school lol

  9. Hey!! I've been slacking on the commenting but I watch every single vlog. I'll say it again that yes, the monologue you do is great! I said it in the past that you are really good at that. I also want to point out another great thing about your vlogs, which is that they really feel gender neutral. There is no obvious demographic to your channel, just everyone. Keep up the good work!

  10. Ahh i never comment but so cool !! You're around my area!

  11. love the laguna beach vibes in these vlogs! 🙂

  12. Nosejob for sure on the twin brother. No?

  13. Erik! Send this video to the producers of "The Bachelor" TV show and you'll have a great chance of being selected to be a future bachelor, where you get to spend 8 weeks going on amazing all-expense paid dates in exotic locations with gorgeous women.

  14. I honestly just clicked the video because of how sexy Eric and his friends are! #sorrynotsorry #imcute? #followme #instagramhandle:iits_martinaa #bemine

  15. Aaaaaw California vibes!!!!!:):):)

  16. that man can serenade me anytime with those piano skills…..

  17. I'm gonna make the trek from Santa Barbara to Venice for this meet up!!!

  18. Cali love ! Erik your Videos are getting better and better

  19. The music playing in your living room is pretty cool, do you have Spotify?

  20. Holy shit, I think its time to move to California … the amount of good looking dudes is insane

  21. I'm low-key mad there isn't a lot of L.A. in the vlogs. Also I won't be able to make the meet up 😭 Have fun to all those who can go! 😁

  22. Erik whats happening……so many changes in your brand? huh!

  23. California fits you like a glove! You seem so happy and at ease 🙂

  24. I feel like you fit so nicely anywhere in the world! Love from Israel

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