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This was a marker after World Cup heartbreak: Warner

Australia opener David Warner says the side was inspired by their semi-final defeat at last year’s World Cup to send a message in their first ODI since that tournament as his century helped Australia to a 10-wicket win in Mumbai


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  1. The World Champions would destroy both these teams as they did at the CWC 19.

  2. Finally some real cricket …
    Oz's on top let's wait and watch excited for next match 👏👏👏👏👏

  3. watch BBL and u ll c how hard working , professional, fit , other aussie players are , at least 30 of the aussie guys are up to world class and havent got chance yet …

  4. I think australia will soon be as dominant as they were in the early 2000's.

  5. and seeing Warner form yesterday, my friend became his fan and buied a cricket bat of Warner's sign(SPARTAN) in rupees 3300 today…

  6. @hCgw
    Subscribe: allskr, guys awesome!!!

  7. Warner likes batting in India more than any of the other Aus batsman

  8. well played warner and finch

  9. Warner showed Rohit, Who the real boss is
    Starc showed Bumrah who the real best is

  10. india find a way to avoid Steve Smith just not allow to bat him

  11. Just a very bad day for India ….

  12. My favourite Aussie player David Warner.
    Love from India

  13. indian strategy for labuschagne
    "DONT LET HIM BAT"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. I think the team is like the 2003 one

  15. David is such a gentleman ❤ u desrve victory bro

  16. When India beat Bangladesh in test series Kohli said that they can win everywhere but they lost 4-1 in England 2-1 in South Africa ,1-0 in new Zealand .They only won in Aus because Smith and warner didn't play .

  17. Well played australia
    Need such type of games in future also
    Hope India will bounce back in rajkot

  18. India Fielding is worst they didn't tried to catch the ball

  19. Awesome performance by Australia…
    Agar wo Ricky posting wali Australia team ban gae to kisi ko nahi bakshenge ye…
    Ab to December wale test series k liye darr lagra meko to ab… 🙁🙁🙁🙁

  20. Whi. is. the. best. batsmsn
    1 David. Warner. like
    2. Shaker. Dahawn. Comment

  21. Well, i hope that indians will stop bragging about being the best when they lose this series. 😂

  22. This what a five times world champion team is supposed to look like.

  23. Aussies are happy at Beating a weak Indian Squad 😂 .. After IPL .. In T20 world cup ..India will make aus cry 😂

  24. I am an Indian and I just loved the way how australia dominated the match. Hope this blow will be an eye opener some of the indian selector's arrogance and overconfidence by winning against Windies sri lanka bangladesh n south africa💥💥 warner and Finch buldozed India singlehandedly
    💣 hope 2nd odi we win so that 3rd odi will be exciting

  25. Okay, well done australian team.Yet, second ODI, will see how india bounces back, i believe it will be a fantabulous exibhition.And people forget one thing here, this is india experimenting still though they have their best to shoot .

  26. In 2019 aus tour of ind..
    In t20 series,2-0 lead by australia..🏆🏆💖
    In odi series,3-2 lead by Australia🏆🏆🏆💖..
    Clearly Australia dominated India last one year

  27. I, an Indian fan, salute this whole Aussie team after yesterday's performance, they just bulldozed the Indian team in its home like they were nothing.

  28. to all the salty asses talking about indian team winning only agaisnt srilanka and bangladesh. we just won odi series against nz,aus and sa at their homes last year. and reached semifinal. so just put your salty toungues in your respective mouths. wait for friday and sunday. and be prepared with comments like how indian pitches were doctored to suit indian team.

  29. India found a new way to stop Smith n Marnus. No wickets no batting for them 🤣🤣

  30. Hate them all you want. But Warner and Smith are always the difference makers.

  31. For the first time I have seen more Austrailians in the comment section than Indians .Of course they must breaking their TVs like they always do

  32. Ind also lost 1st match to Bangladesh and WI. The most consistent team in last 5 years.

  33. Aus brutally hammered India great game .. I hope India will bounce back
    get ready ausies

  34. Who's better
    1)Hong Kong :like
    2) India : Comment

  35. I was waiting for the highlights in this Chanel….but they didn't upload anything at all
    i really don't get it

  36. Austrailia :Confidence ,patience , accuracy ,hard work and dedication
    India :Ego ,arrogance . stupidity and overconfident

  37. Who's better
    1) English women team :like
    2) Indian men's team :comment
    Warner :how was the chase
    Bumrah :The Chase was fantastic ,sir

  38. Where is highlights cricket. Com. Au

  39. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  40. I just love to see the rivalry btw India and Australia. It’s always fun to watch the two cricket giants lock horns with each other.

  41. How do Australian cricketers get trained they always play such good cricket in all departments

  42. highlights de be…ho sorry 😂 Please upload highlights bro.

  43. it's just 1a single odi win baby still india win the series by 2-1 every team visit India last few years won 1st match and than India won next 2 matches and won the series hold my beer baby 😂

  44. I think you Australian forget your last wc defeat vs india

  45. Un stopble Australian opners

  46. Warner is better than rohit

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