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Three Contortionists In A Box – Duration

Next time you feel cramped on an aeroplane, spare a thought for these three! Contortionists Daniel Smith, Bonnie Morgan and Leslie Tipton (all USA) climbed into a box measuring 66.04 x 68.58 x 55.88 cm and were able to stay inside for 2 min 55 sec on the set of El Show de los Récords in Madrid, Spain in December 2001.
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  1. Samus, eat your heart out.

  2. the guy is in a much tougher position than the girls. He was doing a very impressive job

  3. Lid closed… hope no one farts… Never get out of there quick enough!!

  4. Is it the guy that is in superhuman things.

  5. just get 3 babies and line them up, they'll win easy..

  6. 15 people can't even bend down and touch their toes.

  7. that is insane… especially how the guy went in … dam

  8. lucky guy ,he play with two nice girls with succulent feet wow.

  9. they left cause he got a boner

  10. if that guy got a you know OUCH DUDE

  11. If it was 2 guys and a girl, they could use just that much more bit of space inside the girl.

  12. that was just strangeee lol

  13. Daniel, being rubber boy? yes/no?

  14. It's The Orgy in a Box all the fun of an Orgy in a clean portable box!!!! 😀

  15. would be nice to be with those two girls there 😛

  16. haha i'd like 2 c sumthin like that in a vid haha that'd b funny

  17. I don't know any other boy, who are two girls so near.

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