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TI Slammed For Taking Daughter To Gynecologist

TI Slammed For Taking Daughter To Gynecologist

TI faces backlash after a shocking parenting confession. Justin Bieber predicts the winner of KSI vs Logan Paul 2. Plus – Police try to shut down Chris Brown’s yard sale. #TI #ChrisBrown #LoganPaul #JustinBieber

Drake, 33, has kept his son, Adonis, 2, very much out of the public eye, but he shared a rare photo of the toddler on his Instagram Story on Nov. 4. The pic is just of Adonis’s foot, where he’s proudly wearing socks that read ‘I [Heart] Daddy.’ Fans have yet to actually see a photo of Adonis’s face, and there is little known about what type of relationship the rapper has with his son. Adonis’s mother, Sophie Brussaux, is from France, and it’s unclear how much tim Drake is even able to see his little guy, who just turned two on Oct. 11.

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Drake Shares Rare Photo Of His Son Adonis, 2, Wearing ‘I Love Daddy’ Socks — See Pic

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  1. What do you think of TI’s parenting?

  2. I don't know any guys my age who would stay with a girl who's a virgin. This day and age if you're a girl who's a virgin, you'll just end up single.


  4. The nerve of Hollywood because there's nothing but Hollywood Hoes none but left overs .

  5. Bitch missed the Ted talk of Nina Dølvik Brochmann and Ellen Støkken Dahl

  6. Fix the title of this video. T.I slammed for forcing his daughters gynecologist to tell him the status of her hymen and publicly humiliating her

  7. thats like my mom coming in my room finding me trying to relieve my tension and catching me and asking me why arent you having sex do you need to talk about it.

  8. If TI's younger son admits to having sex and theres no issue, then his 18 year old daughter should be able to do the same. Its creepy and gross that he does that to her.

  9. I see a good concern Father and he wants to keep his daughter pure until she gets married I understand

  10. She is a adult ti is messed up

  11. I mean; I’d want to know if my daughter is being safe…What’s the big deal? I don’t think it’s about being a virgin; I feel like he wants her to wait until she’s married. It’s not about “controlling her”; it’s about teaching her respect for her body, and making sure she doesn’t become some random ass baby mama to some guy looking for clout… She hella cute too, so if I was TI I’d do the same shyt…#TIaintWrong #KeepBeingAGoodFatherTI

  12. That title REALLY undersells the situation.

  13. T.I. has a 18-year-old daughter? wtf?

  14. It’s called public humiliation.

  15. Choked her and bit her like a little pussy ass bitch.


  17. I know that's right T.I keep her in them books and school and away from fuck niggaz. And all yall talking bout this man is wrong cause she's grown, but she lives off daddy's money and if she wants to live her life the way she does she'll keep them legs closed until she meets Mr. Right her significant other!

  18. I understand he's her father but she still has a right to want privacy for the most intimate things. All u can do as a parent is BE A REAL PARENT! Talk to your kids, steer them right….yes they will make mistakes…WE ALL HAVE! As long as she was properly raised….she won't steer far from what she was taught. It is dangerous out here tho…i feel ti on wanting to be protective buuuuut he doing too much. That's none of his business at this point. All he can do as a father is love&support her, tell her the truth, and keep the door for communication wiiide open.

  19. DAMN……CB can't even do a yard sale…damn.

  20. TIs is fucking controlling as fuck. Wtf

  21. There is a book (don't remember the name) in which the Mother had a doctor come to their house every year and do this same hymen check bullshit on their daughter. That one action, as the book laid out, has all kinds of repercussions for the child as an adult. And wouldn't you just love for the whole world to be talking about your pussy?

  22. You can't donate designer clothes to the homeless. They don't need Gucci shirts. Let that man have his yard sale.

  23. Girls own their own body. Girls have more value than just sex. By abusing his daughter this way, he has absolutely sent her the signal that a man must govern her body. On the doctor's part, if it actually happened, that this highly unethical. AND JUST PLAIN GROSS!

  24. The despair in TI's daughter's eyes. Having a doctor pry at her vagina yearly, to report back to her dad. For him to brag about it, to the world. If this poor girl commits suicide, it will be HIS FAULT.

  25. My dad has always taken me to the gynecologist but my mom isnt in the picture so he HAD to step up

  26. He needs to be chemically castrated. Sick freak pedaphile cRapper 👎👎

  27. The world be really getting triggered over anything the problem is that people have so much free time on their hands…they are so quick to opine an opinion before even reacting to the situation…..and even who is social media to get between TI and his daughter….if it's his choice he's her father… he's just scared that she won't get pregnant so may be that's the reason why he's going to see a gynecologist with her to check if she's ok

  28. What's funny is Ti don't care about if it's someone else's daughter. Let's not pretend he won't hook up with a younger female.

  29. That is creepy af why are you worried about your daughters virginity.

  30. Forget what yall talking about i dont blame TI, at least he's in his daughters life and being productive to her needs. Where are your FATHERS AT….mind your busi ess and leave his alone. These no good boys are not to be trusted with nobodys daughter, just to get as many notches as they can on their belt to BRAGG.

  31. Ali❣️ ❣️😘 why ppl feel like there two cents matter . Worry abt ur kids and maybe this world be better off🤷🏽‍♀️

  32. YK orisis is going to jail after he spoke about the industry

  33. Why is Chris Brown still walking around?

  34. Yall should leave TI alone like cmon he’s only tryna protect he’s daugther like he’s a rapper and he doesn’t want he’s daugther to turn into a thot

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