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TIL: How Chameleons Change Color | Today I Learned

TIL: How Chameleons Change Color | Today I Learned

New research suggests that the way chameleons change color is very different from what scientists had assumed. In this week’s “Today I Learned” filmmaker and National Geographic Grantee Jason Jaacks explains that the color change is controlled by nanocrystals in a top layer of the lizards’ skin.
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TIL: How Chameleons Change Color | Today I Learned

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  1. So interesting! Thank you! ; ›

  2. I could watch that all day. I'm getting mesmerized already.

  3. If only people could do this. No more racism.

  4. how much are chameleons worth

  5. It's always bothered me that chameleons are usually depicted as the epitome of camouflage and changing color (metachrosis) when they're actually quite bad at it. Cephalopods can do it quicker and more spectacularly. Very few species of chameleons change colors for camouflage, they usually do it to regulate heat absorption as well as social signalling, not to hide from predators.

  6. I wish I could change color every time.

  7. Girl at 1:04 second mark looks like one of the creatures from the "Hills have eyes" film

  8. does a chameleon change color or does the change in color change the chameleon?

  9. But does it evolve into Charizard?

  10. So, does this mean that as a chameleon grows up, it experiences and banks colours as well as the particular stretching it needs to perform? It absolutely blows my mind that an animal could manipulate something so minute.

  11. If we touch the chameleon's skin, will it change their color because we are changing their crystal formations?

  12. One of the coolest animals! I love them! 🙂

  13. and the butt…

    end scene.

  14. What the fuck are chameleons even? They're so weird like whaaa…?

  15. What about Raven from X-men?

  16. so many animal myths out there, i'm glad this channel is at least informing people.

  17. so perrty (holes reference)

  18. It's a common misconception that Chameleons only change color to change to their surroundings. That's false. They can change based on mood or the temperature among other things.

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