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TIL: Nuclear Waste Could Power the World for 72 Years | Today I Learned

TIL: Nuclear Waste Could Power the World for 72 Years | Today I Learned

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Leslie Dewan is helping to revolutionize the nuclear power industry by designing a safer, more efficient alternative to today’s reactors.
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Conventional nuclear reactors only use about 3 to 4 percent of uranium’s accessible energy. The energy left behind is what makes conventional nuclear waste—radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years—so dangerous. Extracting more of the available energy reduces the radioactive lifetime of the waste. To this end, Dewan is helping to develop techniques that extract 96 percent of the available energy.

TIL: Nuclear Waste Could Power the World for 72 Years | Today I Learned

National Geographic

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  1. 15 secs ad in a 47 sec film – its filthy consumerism

  2. Lady in your room you have more then enough energy to power the whole Earth for dozen of years. The point is to "know how" to extract it. And in space the sunlight – the rays of sun – gives basically unlimited energy for us. But now we are just a bunch of morons/wild monkeys who prefere to fight among ourselfs then to cooperate and work united together for the common cause.

  3. Molten salt reactors can burn nuclear waste….

  4. But then how is the oil industry gonna make money? Buying politicians is not cheap.

  5. This is is merely a random statement, some information on how they could use it would be helpful. Just saying a sentence fragment doesn't help out very much.

  6. How about we just stop making nuclear waste?

  7. so how do we do that? If we cant harness the rest of the 95% then how can we make use of it?

  8. who is the natgeo new bos already? totally a nuclear greenwash

  9. Nuclear power must Have been created out of Stupidity not intelligence…if 95% of its power was considered waste…THAT'S A HORRIFYING FACT. …..in fact it was created to punish our beautiful planet…Because those numbers don't add ☝. ..also…we have many forms of reusable energy now..and Nuclear should be one of them..or it's waste should be used if this is true..Its embarrassingly stupid to still be using this form of Nuclear power …they know that……..when we have so many other technologies that go Undeveloped..ridiculous. . ..And using Nuclear waste is like digging up your own shit and playing with it. ☕✌

  10. Search Thorium in YouTube. It will piss you off that we walked away from this.

  11. ok than how come we are not using it? idk

  12. Too bad we are all irrationally afraid of nuclear power.

  13. look how stupid all these people in the comments are about radiation and energy. all these dumb fucks are the reason we are still burning shit for energy.

  14. Women in STEM fields who actually makes difference… Salute!

  15. don't tell me you will wipe all life on Earth to use nuclear waste energy.

  16. All that nuclear waste at about 4% radioactive is still nuclear fucking waste.

  17. Yes the amount of energy in all of matter is huge, does not mean were anywhere close to having the technology required to utilize it

  18. N0, how about free energy and world peace from keshe foundation?

  19. is fallout 4 going to happen irl?

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