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Tiny New Sea Species Discovered—First Ever Video | National Geographic

Tiny New Sea Species Discovered—First Ever Video | National Geographic

The Census of Marine Life’s ten-year study has uncovered numerous hard-to-see species unknown to science. For starters, an area the size of a small bathroom revealed 700 species of crustaceans.
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Tiny New Sea Species Discovered—First Ever Video | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Am I the only one catching that Van Gogh vibe? Lovely pictures.

  2. ikr thats what i thought lol

  3. All right it's oct 2010 now tell us!

  4. yes, we can see a miracle that van gogh made a prophecy on his painting this time.

  5. 0:21 looks like a condom ;o

  6. looks like van gogh's "starry night"

  7. It is going to really suck when all of the life in the sea die when that fiery mountain of the Book of Revelations land in it.

  8. OMG pokemon is coming to LIFE!!!!!!!!

  9. This is why I'm a microbiologist

  10. 240 BILLION….

    …african elephants

  11. what unit of measurement should we use? i know! African elephants!

  12. @jarjarbinks77 whats this fight your talking about…let me guess religion?

  13. @falkoche looks like you need to shut up and go eat an apple

  14. @anklebreaka03 My mistake I didn't give you credit for your level of stupidity. The point I was making was that surely the pope has a lot of faith in God yet he accepts evolution. So if he can accept evolution, why can't you?

  15. @anklebreaka03 Its very brave of you to assign creation to God. If I was God I would be upset with you, because as God I would have done a better job creating. There is too much bad design in nature for a supreme creator to want credit for such a disaster. Of course this bad creation make sense in the light of evolution. If you can't let God go, at least give him credit for evolution, its brilliant.

  16. @MudkipOwnsYou See but that is where you are wrong. There is proof that is right in front of you that you can SEE, but i understand what you're saying. I'll just leave you with this, whether you believe in God or don't, if you ever need help with something there is no downside to asking God for help…either you'll be asking some "imaginary being" or something will happen and your eyes will be opened to a hole nother meaning of life.
    Goodnight 🙂

  17. @anklebreaka03
    I think that if you know it for sure, there should be proof of it now. I am close minded in that aspect and I know it. I just can't believe you. I think that is the main difference between us too. I would not believe something until I see the proof, while you can believe it without seeing proof right that instant. I think our minds are just working different.
    I enjoyed this talk but I am sorry to say that it didn't really change my perspective on things. Goodnight!

  18. And yet again youtube proves yet again to be a bastion of stupidity. Carry one….

  19. @MudkipOwnsYou I read the bible but that is not where I'm getting my proof from. And i am familiar with the theory that people feel the need to believe in a God to ultimately give their life a greater purpose and meaning. Ok so tell me if this is proof. If I know something that is impossible to know at the present time, or say something will happen that science cannot prove at the moment, and 1000 years from now scientists discover what I said was true, is that proof that I was right or not?

  20. @TastyRiceBowl what are you 🙁

  21. @anklebreaka03 "Part of the proof comes from your faith and the experiences.." Proof is not faith or an experience, proof is something objective. It does not vary from person to person. The aberration of light PROVES the Earth moves around the sun, and not the other way around – regardless of your "experience".

  22. @anklebreaka03
    I think you read a different bible than I did.
    Don't get me wrong, I think it is great that people can believe! Even better when they get joy from it! But it is not for me. And faith is something that is bound in the human mind. Humans WANT to believe in something supernatural. I can't remember why, it has been a while since I read the entire article about it. Also when I talk about proof, I talk about proving the gravity on Earth. Drop something and it will fall to the ground.

  23. @MudkipOwnsYou You cudn't be more misinformed and further from the truth my friend. Who is to say there is no proof for creationism? I mean, we both have the same view on how the universe started, i.e, big bang. And you definitely can't tell me there is no proof for God. Part of the proof comes from your faith and experiences you have that cannot be explained to someone who has never felt anything like that before; but proof in the sense that your talking about can easily be provided if you like

  24. Evolution happened in the past, it is happening right now, and it will continue to happen. The lack of critical thinking is a parasite to our progress. Stop ignoring things that are both shockingly obvious and beautifully simple just because you want to live forever. You are ruining it for the rest of us.

  25. @parttimehuman Well thanks for not being a jerk, and a beautifully articulated response might i add. Its true i don't know everything about evolution but I have studied its foundational principals on an academic level. I do believe in microevolution, it's just i really do see a couple big holes for macroevolution that either can't be answered, or there isn't enough proof to back up the claims being made. And personally i've seen/felt much more evidence for a God, just my opinion though.

  26. @anklebreaka03

    Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without any proof. – Ashley Montagu.

    Science doesn't have holes. It has proof. But the proof doesn't exclude other possibilities completely. And even where there are holes, they are there because we don't have the technology yet to discover what is going on. Creationists have no proof at all but exclude every other possibility about anything.

  27. @jarjarbinks77 My faith has nothing to do with the Pope so there goes what u just said. Thanks for coming out.

  28. @anklebreaka03 Your faith must be weak, even the pope accepts evolution. He just disagrees that it goes against god, I disagree with that part though.

  29. @Oldtboot LOL! ok fair enough, haha. But! There is still more proof favouring God then there is for evolution, that I can prove.

  30. @whydie666 LOL why would i quit when I have the chance when I'd much rather argue with you about if God exists or not! Its too fun to listen to evolutionists and their silly monkey theories to not wanna argue. Oh man i always get a good laugh out of you guys. Sorry…just too many holes in ur wild ideas, some good points, but too many holes.

  31. I love NationGeographic Channel , its always so interesting.

  32. Thats so amazing. This amazing biomass of changing creatures with legs, feelers, tentacles by the billions, processing and stirring up the nutrients from the sea feeding it to the entire world.

  33. absolutely stunning. I hope there will be a website where we can everything the census collected.

  34. @superbacon321 Then I'm reminded of how many ignorant humans there are and that the human species will probably soon be extinct as well.

    If you actually read my comment, you'd realize I specifically stated "human activity". Of course, some species go extinct because of evolution. But scientists studying extinction are able to determine the increasing rate in species extinction since industrialization began.

  35. lol there's no reason they're extinct other than our own ignorance.

  36. Bring Them Back – English Version ( write it on youtube search bar)

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