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'Too late' for Lori Loughlin to unwind admissions scandal: Napolitano

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in on Lori Loughlin’s upcoming arraignment.

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  1. If this is how smart the parents are, no wonder they had to pay to get their offspring into college!

  2. lori loughlin…………..mmmYOU HAD YOUR CHANCE !! now because of your stupidity ………… YOU DESERVE THE MAX !!

  3. It gives my heart much joy when the elite pay for their crimes.

  4. Don’t the Liberals want to let all the “harmless” criminals out of prison?

  5. White rich parents are being forced into this due to affirmative action.

  6. Double standard..it was a man he would get the 10 years in jail. Women get 60-70% less jail time for the same crime as a man. Not equal, throw the book.

  7. When did the law become based on if someone was harmed? It is based on if a law is broken and then applying the repercussions.

  8. These fools have committed the same crime for their kids. its such a wide spread crime that they are all acting as if this is nothing!. Do you see this corruption before your eyes?

  9. Why does Fox have this stupid leftist former judge on their show ?

  10. Hey Martha Stewart did the time and so should she

  11. Nobody was harmed its true. Yet somebody who cheats with $500 k bribe while most americans are struggling to put food on the table seems like harm to me. So symbolically I think she is going to get a big sentence to show that the system is capable of standing up to rich people. Let's get real though the folks we really want to see go down are the wall street bankers !They got away Scot-Free with ROBBING the American tax payers in 08 . By the way they are still doing it not one of them are behind bars.

  12. No one is harmed when little black kids steal from a candy store. But they donts get that same concern. Bs

  13. Lock her daughters up with her too. They aren't children or kids as everyone calls them. They are adults and more than likely were involved as well.

  14. “Nobody was harmed here” …WOW… sounds about white….

  15. N hates Trump because Trump dudnt choose him for supreme Court now I know why N not that smart

  16. No sympathy, go to jail like the rest of us would

  17. What she did is not ridiculous. How many self deserving kids didn't get in because of what she did.

  18. its funny how these tv news 'journalists' have so much sympothy for those in their own wealth bracket…people have gotten 10 years for a lot less

  19. He needs to work for CNN critter looking `mogwai' thing always sticking up for his kind.

  20. I think ten years is just finr because she's a celebrity. If not more this will show hollyweird that your not above the law.

  21. She better find a safe place to bury a load of cash for later in life

  22. She could spend ten years in prison but we all know she’ll do a week

  23. Who exactly are the people saying this should have be settled in civil court?
    Seriously, normal people would do much more time for something like this. I really like her but throw the book at her if it will get the elite to understand we are all treated equally under the law. Or we are supposed it be, it has been a two tiered system for forever. They take whatever they want and tell us we are grateful for having their scraps. This was not a victimless crime and she willfully broke the law and her arrogance about it led to her not taking the plea deal. It's unfortunate but fair.

  24. It's not ridiculous to send her to jail. They should all go to jail. If it wasn't Hollywood involved, the criminals would be in a jail cell now wearing orange pajamas.

  25. who are you fooling?…you are not going to put her/husband in prison for years…at most, 10 months sentence if that and maybe for 10 days prison sentence for good behavior and community service on hallmark movies…again, it will be a laughing stock of the American judicial system just like the dog and pony show of the impeachment hearings…it will be a mockery

  26. My God, get this guy off the air.
    He is a despicable, corrupt scumbag

  27. Should get 10 yrs just because they are rich they get to go to club fed. Send her to jail for her crimes.

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