Erik Conover Video Blog Ep. 115 TOO MANY HUMANS IN NEW YORK
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If you are a musician and would like to feature your music (hip hop, piano, instrumental, acoustic tunes) in my vlogs please email me at conover.er@gmail.com subject “NYC TUNES”


Shot on my Canon S110

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  1. It's funny how u used the world find, like no one was there before. 😂😂😂

  2. "You gave me my germs"

  3. I don’t want your germs !
    YOU gave me my germs !

  4. Oh no no no!There are never too many
    humans! Not in the city!
    The city life is alive – there is energy in the air
    that exists because of those humans!
    We get our own music as we walk down city streets!
    I've felt it- I've heard it!
    Gotta love the city! That air is alive because
    of the electricity that comes off of our bodies!
    I love the city – am looking forward, at this time
    in my life – to get out of here and go to see
    some woods! Get away from neighbors.
    But I wouldn't give up the experiences that I've had in
    my life! The good the bad and the ugly!

    The City is Alive! It Breathes!
    Fun Friday ~ Threw A Coconut At His Face!
    Teeth Supplements~

  5. I wouldn't say or use the term "rich" either – but rather a "life-style" that Americans have tried to model this way of living and bring this into an American perspective of businesses. In Europe, people are quite simple and have a completely different perspective on how to to maintain a business as simple as a street coffee house.

  6. Van Coevenhoven is a street in Heemskerk, the Netherlands where your ancestors most probably are from.

  7. Building covered in ivory, hehe. Yup Jess is right it's ivy.

    Jess don't worry, I do the same for my boyfriend too!

  8. u guys are so cutte ur like lil kids…love the adventure in u…. exploring nyc is my fav..also love the editing..shots..broll super good and the music is sooo ny I love it and the positive vibes u two have u guys are awesome

  9. Where did Jessica get her backpack purse thing? It´s beautiful. I want one.

  10. i love you guys, could you ask what kind of backpack / purse type thing jessica has? it looks more functional than a purse and so cute

  11. at 8:47 where a were you guys plz respond

  12. Kinda wonder how much you pay rent for your apartment?

  13. What is your favorite park in NYC?

  14. +Erik Conover https://youtu.be/6egphU8drj4?t=8m29s

    what is this place called? looks awesome to hang out with some special…:)

    oh and I love all of your blogs….keep up…

  15. that´s a cool piece of history! it would be cool to see more of that on your blogs! btw nice blogs i really enjoy them!

  16. just replay from 0:29 to 0:32 omg im dieing i cant lolol

  17. +Erik Conover How does Jess stay so thin when she eats all the time?!

  18. man that pizza looked great lol ye you had the same facial structure as that guy isnt it crazy when u lookin into your family history ,some of the stuff u find out lol

  19. I used to work in Gramercy and have walked by that park countless times. I have never ever ever seen one person in it. It makes me so mad. Such a waste of beautiful space. Certain apartments around the perimeter come with keys and go for huge money. I saw a real estate deal go down with a Russian businessman who wanted a Gramercy condo as a pied a terre and it "had to have a key." He got it. So at least one of the keys is over in Russia. Great place for it! 😛

  20. Peter Stuyvesant was painting your destiny to make a NYC YouTube channel.

  21. What park do you guys always go to? It looks beautiful!

  22. Your weekend vlogs are my favs. So cool, graaatss on 5k, you can go to space nyc. Cheers, Kate

  23. In relation to what you said about europeans, I think it's the same concept with NYC or any other city really when people watch videos about them. In NYC vlogs for example here in youtube, nyc looks veyr attractive because you see all these touristy places filmed by europeans so you basically see the glamorous part of it. And then we go to your vlogs and a couple other vloggers who film their daily lives and we get to see a more realistic side of things like the harsh commutes, the dumpsters etc haha

  24. i love union square park, and thats cool to know ur ancestors founded new york and congrats on 5000 subs =)

  25. Hi I have a feeling that this channel is going to get really big one day! The quality is amazing. Also Hi Lillie if you are reading this! Thanks for recommending this channel to me! .xx

  26. Congrats on 5k!!!! It happened so quick.

  27. Your videos make me excited about New York. 10 more days until I call it my home!

  28. Congratulations on 5000 subscribers!

  29. Congrats on 5k subs! Keep up the good vlogs!

  30. Great to see this channel growing and your content getting better and better. Is vlogging making you more spontaneous and motivated?

  31. Gratz to 5k!!!! It's only been like.. 7-8 videoes, sinde you reached 4k! Its going so fast! 
    Nice vlog as always! 🙂

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