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Top 10 Athletes That Went Broke

It’s no secret that professional athletes struggle with money after retiring young. These are the top 10 highest paid athletes that went broke.

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Top 10 Athletes That Went Broke

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  1. this is bob
    he has no friends 1 like =1 more friend for bob

  2. I'm sure Evander Holyfield would bite your hand off to get his ear boxed, if it meant getting his money back !

  3. Many Black people in that !

  4. "In 1986,He became the youngest HW Champion in history and seemed almost unstoppable for a decade." BS in my opinion because he only won HW title belts that were either stripped or stolen by Don King from Lineal HW Champion Michael Spinks. Also Tyson was beaten and KO'd twice in that decade time period and was KO'd a couple of times as well not long after that by not so great fighters. That being said,Tyson is not broke.

  5. Antoine Walker was just unlucky to have multiple armed robberies…?

  6. Guess they never watched Dave Ramsey

  7. if you want to keep your money , you have to pretend you have none ,simple , just an illusion

  8. I feel sorry Scott Pipen. He was smart and sort out an expert, just to get screw by the expert.

  9. Shaq was a very wise guy he invested in google he was one of the first investors for google.

  10. Lol idk how you got millions of dollars and still can’t take care of your kids

  11. For most people, even $250,000 is a life-changing amount of money and they can live on it for many years.

  12. 50 million on taxes for 10 years…

  13. i am not being racist but black athletes can t handle money,fame,women,drugs and alcohol.

  14. The antics of some of these NFL players is unbelievable. TO really takes the cake – perhaps they should be drug tested BEFORE they take the field. Just as well they're not managing my bank account.

  15. I cant wait to make the next video of Floyd, the Charlo twins and Errol Spence jr.

  16. Who, Who?…. don't know most of them. Jesus, it's hard to care except for Tyson.

  17. Its all Governments Planned Base Scheme to Get Their money back with a profit or bonus, consider a loan if you like theyd like it paid back double if you like with harrassment of the person being charged, just look at the brown bomber Joe Luis story if you like, its funny that all these people are broke in their end last seasons restraining days, to be honest they have done this to a lot of black people still but now white people arent seem to meaning much to them and their doing it to tgem aswell

  18. Don't be surprised if u see meywether on here one day.

  19. Don king fucked alot of boxers over.

  20. George Best was never even a millionaire. How he blew 100mill is beyond me lol.

  21. Do you think it could be because of there up bringing, they only know what they know and it's not money

  22. I be seeing Antwan Walker fat ass be walking downtown Chicago going to bars buying drinks for locals thots. Seen it with my own eyes

  23. A.i an j.r Smith committing crimes together

  24. omg
    34m for a bite really.
    i wish i have this much money.

  25. most of Holeyfield money went to the blackjack tables

  26. The fact that they're saying that most athletes are uneducated pisses me off

  27. 7:23 you said Diego Maradona owed the government $50M but on the screen, you wrote $50,000 which is $50 Thousands and not $50 Millions.

  28. What do you need 4 homes and a private jet for?????????????????????????

  29. Laughed at Scottie Pippen helped Michael Jordan win championships!

  30. as eixane myala ellinaton arxeon oxi ton tsitsifionkon torinon

  31. where is boris becker? 250mil gone.

  32. I loved that Real Deal Boxing game

  33. Watch Espn 30 for 30 "Broke", it shows how these guys lose so much so soon…

  34. I would love to know what these guys have in common . Could it be low IQs ? .

  35. Evander come on now ! …* 11 kids from 9 different women ?!! WTF ?? I am not judging you , but ALL that talk about JESUS after every fight and that's how you ended up? " Eve " always gets " Adam "….sad indeed ! ….did anyone notice just 1 " white guy " was on this list ?…..anyone with too much $$ and running around with women with no souls ( oh ya, I knew a few myself ! ) and the fame, ect. can bring you all the way down ! Esp. if you truly don't know JESUS! We ALL fall short, but THE LORD wants a GENUINE EFFORT from us ALL ! *….HE gives and will let you lose it all if you don't talk to him everyday ! I feel a bit sorry for them all, but when your " cocky " with all those " chips " too, then your just a dumb ass, no matter what color you are ! Shit, if I had just $1 million , I could live the rest of my life and NOT go under ! ( I am 55 now)..These men all were " spiritually selfish !

  36. Man… I didn't realize Holyfield was worse than Shawn Kemp with all them baby mamas!

  37. Maradona is getting 280k couching a 2nd last team in Sinaloa Mexico as we speak.

  38. blacks with $ … what do you expect.

  39. Buying new clothes is not the reason why Allen Iverson went broke…

  40. Man, you guys suck at making videos now. There are so many mistakes in all of your videos. Do you guys proofread at all?

  41. They went „broke“ but imagine all the ppl and crazy amounts others earned throug them 😂😂

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