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Top 10 Countries With 0 Income Tax

Top 10 Countries With 0 Income Tax
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Which countries have 0 income tax?
What’s the income tax in Oman?
What’s the income tax in Bahrain?
What’s the income tax in Monaco?
What’s the income tax in Kuwait?
What’s the income tax in Bahamas?
What’s the income tax in Bermuda?
What’s the income tax in Cayman Islands?
What’s the income tax in Saudi Arabia?
What’s the income tax in United Arab Emirates?
What’s the income tax in Qatar?
Which countries have the best income tax?
What are the top 10 countries with the lowest income tax?

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  1. Hello Aluxers, what would you do if you lived in one of these income tax free countries?
    What top 10 would you like to see next?
    10 Countries Where Rich People Can Do What They Want: https://youtu.be/ch7JWVk8Ldk

  2. lol we only have to pay the bills lucky we have no taxes

  3. Like I'd really wanna live in these shit holes.

  4. sweden are a rat hole we paid so high taxes to the state horrible every month we pay 65 procent on a gallon gasoline are taxes

  5. 15 things you didnt know about Kuwait pleaseeeeee

  6. Income taxes make it possible for corrupt politicians to get rich off people's hard work. Look at California the home of the most corrupt democrats in the country next to New York.

  7. I Love Arabian Gulf Islamic Countries


  8. Arabian Gulf Countries there is no Taxation to Hard Work of Human Resource .Because it is Islamic Countries .

  9. High Taxation in India . Uncomfortable to live India . In India Has All Taxes Income Tax also Product Tax Extra GST . Indian GST Taxion is Very High.

  10. There is no tax Arabian Gulf Countries

  11. Iowa gains revenue by fraud and extortion. BAR associates engage in predatory fraud, fabricating Pretend Offenses in order to obtain convictions for profit. You Tube: Iowa Corrupt Judges Courts Police http://www.youtube.com/user/KornKobIowa read details Posted as Comments below videos. Their officials are prejudiced, unfair and dishonest

  12. In the US they take the tax and don't use it to better the lives of it's citizens. The education system is under funded. The infrastructure is falling apart. Most of the money goes to the military and there is 25 percent of children living in poverty!!!!

  13. Politicans '' Union leaders got richer of our high taxation in Australia 30 yrs , Small business owners struggle getting taxed to hell

  14. Australia 30% – 48% income tax , but tax on cars in Australia is a joke aswell 18% – 51% kills your savings a Millennial . Because every millennial wants to own a flash car here . But cars that millinnials want are out of reach of there salaries because of 33% luxury car tax , even a 10 yr old 911 , 5 yr old m3 ' 5 yr old c63 ' 5 yr old hsv lsa aren't affordable

  15. Saudi arabia have implemented 5% on all the companies + food + all the businesses and 400% on foreigners and on their salaries. Its not yearly but its monthly tax every body have to pay wether the expat born in saudi arabia no nationality for them and no humans rights.
    So plz do not come here.

  16. in malaysia they tax everyone and everything till suck your blood dry and hang your self, in Singapore they tax rob you until you go nuts

  17. The Fair Tax! Read up on it . It would be fair to everyone and we could get out from under the Government's Thumb! Save America vote Republican in mid terms! Trump 2020!

  18. Tax is stopping me from achieving my goals.

  19. Most of them are islamic countries. Very Impressive!

  20. tax is illegal anyways that shit! is a fraud lol.

  21. make a video on how to leave a bad habbit

  22. And Kuwait will be applying Tax on services on 2019

  23. Update:
    Saudi Arabia and Emirates has applied Tax on 2018

  24. "What would you do if you lived in one of these countries?"
    Mo' money.

  25. Brunei should be in the list…

  26. I know before see this video almost gulf countries no income tax

  27. I live in qatar 😀

    Edit: most people in qatar are imagrates a low % of qatar are actually qatari 😀

  28. I was about to comment about how us Americans still have to pay income tax even if we move to places like the ones amongst the list but they put it in their reminding me that its AMAZING to be American because we will always give part of our paycheck to the government even if we do not live there. (: (sarcasm intended)

  29. Check again on UAE again and Qatar embargo

  30. im working in qatar
    im very happy here 🇶🇦

  31. To all the people that belive tax is theft you must live in a shitty country.

  32. Tax free countries usually pay people with minimal salaries compared to USA for example deducting 30 percent but people's salary is around 5 to 10 times than that of tax free nations. I am a doctor in Saudi Arabia my salary annually is only 40k USD with no tax. My mother is a high school teacher "only" in USA with annual salary of 80k USD. She is getting around 60k net after tax deduction. Can you compare that way? And hey, I am a doctor and my mother is a teacher. Which degree is higher? LOL

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