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Top 10 Countries With The BEST Education

Top 10 Countries With The BEST Education

Top 10 Countries With The BEST Education
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
What are the top countries with the best education system?
How expensive is education around the world?
How much does it cost to go to school in United States?
How much money does it cost to go to school in Singapore?
How much money is spent on education in Australia?
How much money is spent on education in New Zealand?
How much money is spent on education in United States?
What the best countries in the world for education?
What are the best education systems in the world?
How is Finland’s education system?
How is Netherlands’ education system?
How is Singapore’s education system?
How is New Zealand’s education system?
How is Norway’s education system?
How is Swizerland’s education system?
How is Australia’s education system?
How is Belgium’s education system?

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  1. Hei Aluxers! Which country would you like or would have liked to gain your education?
    What top 10 would you like to see next?
    Join http://www.alux.com !
    Should You Go To College Or Start A Business?: https://youtu.be/RTYlz8h6Yag

  2. Usa on the list? Hell no, thats a shooting range lmao

  3. I watched a video about nordic countries success, and it said the education for them is a priority and it is easier for people to go to the medicine faculty than to get the education one, it means that the ''best and most smart students'' become teachers there. I got very curious about this statement, I would like someone from Finland, Norway and so on to tell me if that is true, thanks. Nice video!

  4. One country you missed INDIA . get a proper research alux.com

  5. Sorry, but where's the UK?

  6. I have been admiring your videos since the first time I watch.. But I have to say that this video is insane…. US is a no no
    What about Japan, Korea?

  7. Excuse me but Switzerland's education is not good at all. I live here and go to the gymnasium. Not the best. I love Indian, Chinese and Japanese school systems more. But I think its more because of the people here and there.

  8. Where is S.Korea? 83% of young generations have college degree or higher. also have highest number of PhD per population. their education system is do or die mind set. that's one of the reason once poor nation to became developed nation. But I don;t recommend this way of education, they do it because of it;shard to make good income with low education.

  9. America education is worst than 3rd world here.

  10. Ok so I don’t mean to offend anyone but an outstanding private school in the USA is equivalent to a normal British public school so..

  11. Who came up with this list??? Very subjective and flat out wrong

  12. This video is Bullshit, USA will not be 8th in a million years.

  13. Appalled that Canada didn't make this list! I studied there for my first degree, and intend to raise my children there for their good reputation in academics. Not sure how the US got here 🤔

  14. Where is India and South Korea?

  15. Sigh why am I in Singapore

  16. India is most boring and worst education system

  17. Ahh i think philipines becuase i am filipino and most filipino want edication

  18. you are paid .people like you are scum who work for money .or too foolish to understand education do not make such video if you have no idea

  19. Sure, China, Singapore and some other countries are on this list because of academic performance, but look at the way they teach, insane amounts of homework, tests, stress, and generally just forcing shit down your throat. Finland should be number 1 hands down. I rest my case.

  20. Trust me because I grow up in Singapore that you do not want to study in Singapore if you are autistic

  21. no germany…..its mean fake

  22. Yes yeah heleluah Amen thanks u Lord love you God bless you all sneha Abraham Timothy

  23. Where is the United kingdom it has some of the best universities in the world and good education

  24. US has the worst education systems except university which is made by people all aeound the world

  25. Seriously the USA? That has to be a lie or a BRIBE!!!! Do you have any idea how many americans CANNOT spell common english words when they write their fan fic stories and post them online? They write TRAIL for trial and DEFIANTLY for Definitely. They frequently use the wrong spellings for Here, hear, hair and there, they're and their. It's gotten to the point where I dont even bother to read any fan fics from any author who is from the USA. There are plenty of other writers from english speaking countries – UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – who CAN READ AND SPELL properly!!

  26. I prefer going to school in Switzerland, or Finland

  27. O Canada I Am So Sad Why You Arent At The Top 10 Best Education USA Shouldnt Be At The Top 10 Canada Has The Best Education

  28. I think USA is a joke even my Taiwan has better education and public schools in USA are like fuck am I going to hell private schools are the best there

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