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Top 10 Craziest Moments In Sports History

Top 10 Craziest Moments In Sports History

From basketball to football and even tennis, here are our top 10 craziest and most jaw dropping moments in sports history.

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Top 10 Craziest Moments In Sports History

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  1. What about the hillsbrough disaster (sorry if I spelt it wrong)

  2. Tbh throughout this whole video I expected Zidane and Andres to be in it. So good job Top Trending!

  3. Where is Tyson vs holyfield.. that is one of the craziest that happened in boxing history or in sports history where a boxer bit another boxers ears

  4. John mcsherry heart attack?

  5. Is this guy a fucking robot? The way he pronounces certain words boggles the mind…

  6. Z I D A N E
    The way this idiot butchers names is disgusting

  7. Sport is very important. Sportsmanship is even more important

  8. What about Philip Hughes who died after ball hit him on the back of the head during a cricket match…certainly more tragic than bunch of basketball players attacking spectators
    and if u are considering motorsports too then why d hell u putting nascar over F1???

  9. Gradually suggestion politics standard test negotiation dish kit false smell stick.

  10. You need to put a disclaimer before showing that basketball injury, that looks awful

  11. The video should have been named Craziest Moments in US sports History as 8 of the 10 were US Sports incidence. The world isn't just US my friend.

  12. this is too much for me…

  13. I almost threw up my dinner at that leg. A warning next time would be much appreciated

  14. Pronounce zidanes name right its pronounced Zidan

  15. Why did you keep focusing on the dudes mangled leg? 😂 it's grim

  16. Poor people😭😭🤧🤧😖😖

  17. It's not football, it's soccer

  18. Fam you cant just show those pictures of the fucking bone like that. Holy fucking shit. i was not ready for that. I havbe only ever seen it censored. my god.

  19. This is stupid,competition died when food became abundant, and it is one of the leading causes of division. How many riots, and murders have been committed by mental dwarf fanboys cause they are idiotically over passionate over a useless sport team.These are the easily entertained mouth breathing sheeple."Give them bread and circuses,they will not revolt"

  20. I regret eating while watching this

  21. Notice how 8/10 of these were Americans.. there’s more out there than in your little bubble USA

  22. All am gunna say is, where is AGUAAAROOOOOO!! ?????

  23. Why is mexes on the thumbnail

  24. The one about Earnhardt, it’s Michael Waltrip not Richard

  25. Why does this channel have so little views?? One year ago it flurished

  26. I usually don't comment on videos, but this was a great video. You should definitely roll another one out like this. 👍🏼👍🏼


  28. In regards to this videos 1st 40secs :
    Sports exist to control people. To make them a slave to its emotions.

    If sports didnt exist, youd see people tackle real problems in life like corrupted goverments, bad economies, international banks, zionism, etcetcetc etc

  29. Maybe some warning for some viewers underage WTF men

  30. And Marco Simoncelli? MotoGP

  31. next time blur the fucking injury, dickheads

  32. Steffi Graf all roided out.. she needs to shave

  33. Monica Celes was easily one of my favorite players

  34. Thanks for the trigger warning– oh

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